ES-Headshot-About02Hello, friend … I’m delighted you clicked your way here … Come on in.

Had you just walked through my front door, I’d greet you with a hug, followed by a comfy seat. We’d sit at my front window and take in the river, a view that still makes me pinch myself! I’m sure conversation would be easy and not yet complete, when it’s time to part. Without a doubt, there’d be laughter. Finding humor in this crazy world lightens me. I’ve lived through some crazy … often, I. am. the. crazy.

Here are a few tidbits that may surface as we visit ….

As a young child, I loved playing “Mommy” to my dolls and puppies. I tell my children, “I first fell in love with you when I was a little girl!” Way back then, “motherly love” ignited; in the rural landscape of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Being a Mom was the grandest job I could fathom, and it still is today. At the age of seven, my rural life turned suburban with a move to the Washington D.C. area. From then till today, I have thrived around this landscape.

I’m a little bit country … a lot suburban … and a dash of urban (college years).

I am “Momma” to three, “Momma-in-love” to three, Mum-zee (“Zee Zee”) to five (so far), “second/other Momma” to many, and short-term “foster Mom” to multiples. Reality exceeds my dreams. It is my absolute-mega-honor and joy.

So, why am I here, in “blog-cyber-space-world”?

Since a tender nine-year-old, I have felt a deep lasting connection to God. Frankly … He captured my heart. My life is lived through both a wide lens, with His love and grace as a backdrop, and a telephoto lens, zoomed in on the intricate details of His handiwork on this planet called Earth.

While days often seem to drag on, years keep flying by. In the midst of both, I note and collect “Forever Moments”: moments of an eternal God touching my life and the people around me.

I wish the same for you. Capture the years, embrace the days, and collect the God-moments along the way.

After-all, at the end of earthly days, “forever” is all that matters.

Short years. Long days. Forever Moments.

All to His Glory,