Rays of Sunshine …

I was MIA here last week! “Zee Zee” duty called! Missing a moment with a fresh newborn sleeping in your arms or attending to her postpartum Mommy is beyond my abilities. I immerse when I am with my babes and grands. I knew we’d have time to catch up!

June’s a busy month for me. I have two more trips on the calendar! Yay for Zee Zee!

A few weeks ago, I thought of something I hadn’t in years. I’m wondering if you’ve heard of it!


I’ve made and given a few in the past. Somewhere along the journey, they escaped me!

Sunshine Boxes are a way to add some sunshine to someone’s day!

In the past few weeks, I’ve made four of them. People and ideas kept popping into my head. So many people need a ray of sunshine!! It gives me a lot of joy to encourage someone with a humble surprise. No better way to say, “You matter, I am thinking of you!”

Think Yellow!

Everything in the box (bag) is yellow!

I have to admit … yellow is not my favorite color. Funny thing, when I’m putting together a sunshine box, yellow becomes appealing … happy! I smile!!

Endless opportunities present themselves when you think about giving.

It doesn’t have to be expensive: just yellow and usable. Anything that will give a smile where it’s needed or granted.

You could give one to a whole family with all the food in yellow packaging … a housewarming or “Welcome to the neighborhood” gift. Sickness, grieving, holiday, for no reason at all, just a desire to bless someone.

The usage and contents are endless!

Have you heard of “The Sunshine Lady?”

Her name is Doris Buffett, Warren Buffett’s sister! My daughter had the privilege of meeting her and receiving a “Sunshine” scholarship for college. Her remarkable heartfelt goal was to live long enough to give all her money away!

From Wikipedia: Doris Eleanor Buffett (February 12, 1928–August 4, 2020) was an American philanthropist also known as the ‘retail’ philanthropist and the founder of The Sunshine Lady Foundation, The Learning By Giving Foundation, and The Letters Foundation which she co-founded alongside her younger brother, billionaire Warren Buffett. She was the daughter of Leila (Stahl) and U.S. politician and stockbroker Howard Homan Buffett. Doris Buffett intended to give all of her money away before she died.

I’m not sure if she gave all her money away, but if not, I’m sure she left it to worthy causes! She spread sunshine far and wide by gifting her wealth: many, many people benefitted. I am most grateful for her gift to my daughter. She left college debt free, largely because of the “Sunshine Scholarship”!

You and I may not have a fortune, but giving is always possible. It may be a gift of your time, your presence, or a small deed

Today, I’m adding a Sunshine Box to spread a few rays!
Adapt it to your personal style and budget: shine on someone!

Only “Sunshine Scholarship grantees” attended the luncheon to meet Ms. Buffett. When my daughter came to the car, gleaming she gushed, “Mom, I only had a few minutes to speak to her personally, but I could tell she is a kindred spirit. I think we would be great friends, if time and space allowed!” (My daughter has always valued older friendships.) “The Sunshine Lady”, Ms. Buffett, glowed all over her; reaching and warming her soul. Her personal touch and time speaks volumes about other people’s value beyond money.

You never know how far your rays will reach!

Spread Your Sunshine!!

Have you given or received a Sunshine Box?

Stay tuned … this summer I’ll be giving away a little sunshine right here! 😉

Sunshine makes me smile,