Joy from a Distance

If you missed last weeks post, we started a series on New Beginnings; using the book of Philemon (in the Bible) as our focus. 

Catch it HERE if you missed it.

Simple Review:

This book is a personal letter written from Paul to Philemon. Surely, Paul never thought centuries of Christians would read. It was regarding a personal matter.

This book has three main characters: 

  • Paul – an apostle of Jesus who writing from a prison cell in Rome; jailed for his faith.
  • Philemon – a Pastor of a church in Colosse (present day Turkey). The church Paul started and meets in his home. There are indications he was a wealthy man.
  • Onesimus – a man known to Paul and Philemon

Let’s jump right into Verses 4-7 today:

Verse 4

I thank My God always, making mention of you in my prayers, …

Paul affectionately tells Philemon, he talks to God about him. Even thanking God for creating Philemon and making him part of his life and ministry.

These few simple “Christian words” many of us utter without thinking or taking action. They are common place in Christian culture; barely holding meaning.

Let’s try to pretend we were opening the letter and PAUL, the Apostle, told us …