How was your 4th Celebration?

Mine was … different!

No travel.

No company.

No food prep.

No decorations.

No fireworks over my patio.

A few things were the same:

  1. My husband and grandson kayaked down the river.
  2. It was HOT!
  3. Our parade route out front was full to overflowing. (Hello … Covid? … anyone!)
  4. We grilled out.
  5. A watermelon was cut and devoured.

I remember the celebrations of my childhood. There were always visitors, patio cookouts, some back yard kickball or whiffle ball. At dusk, we all gathered a blanket or towel, walked through our neighborhood, across a main road, parked ourselves on the golf course to watch the fireworks display on the University of Maryland campus. As we got older, we ventured out with friends to other firework locations. Living in the DC suburbs there were many, many choices. You could take your brave-self a few miles into the DC mall for the grandest display or watch from a few high places nearby.

I recall a few years, we spent the day on the Severn River at a friend’s place. We’d either get in boats to find a vantage point of Annapolis fireworks or were happy with a few purchased fireworks set off on the dock; after crabs and fixins.

That’s the “Maryland Way”; Water, Boats, and Crabs.

After moving south of DC, our celebrations consisted mostly of friends, cookouts, pools, and local fireworks. Some years, we opted for more time with friends skipping the crowds at fireworks. I love fireworks but the heat, traffic and crowds equal misery for me. Humidity has always been my kryptonite! On a cool low humidity 4th, I’m all in!

What are July 4th “MUST DO’s” for you?

I have only a few:

  1. Grill something
  2. Air Conditioning
  3. Watermelon
  4. Fireworks (of some sort, TV will do)
  5. Family and Friends

Family and friends were stunted by Covid: the saddest for me this year. Normally, our house enjoys visitors, a little decor, catching up with friends/family, a smorgasbord of dishes, laughter, tube/kayak floats, fun. 

Our celebration shrunk this year, but we got the “MUST DO’s” in!

Share with us your “MUST DO’s” for the FOURTH!

Did this crazy Covid year deny you any favorites? Share those too!

Adapting is difficult, even when it’s necessary!

Missin’ ALL my Peeps,

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