Dear Friend …

I thought we’d open this year with a series on New Beginnings.

We’ll focus on a very short letter in the Bible … Philemon!

I’d love for you to follow along, even if the Bible is not your focus. It contains a million stories to apply to life today! 

It would be great if you stopped right now and read the whole book of Philemon; one chapter, 23 verses. If it’s not your thing, we’ll look at verses here, no worries.

Any Bible translation would be fine. Might I suggest using one easy to understand like English Standard Version, New International Version, The Message or Good News Bible. You can find all of them online. If you are very familiar with one version, I suggest using a different version. It will often spark different thoughts, perspectives, and interests.

Then, we’ll overview it and dissect it in subsequent weeks.

Book Overview

The Apostle Paul writes this book to a man named Philemon and discusses another man named Onesimus. It discusses issues surrounding Onesimus and Philemon’s response to him.

From prison, Paul is teaching Philemon how to treat others who may have offended, broken a promise, maybe even stole from him.