Where Now?

For months this spring, I didn’t leave the house … literally!
Probably like most of you!

While I was packing again this week, I realized since June 3rd, when mother died (Read Here), I’ve traveled FIVE times with a few more trips on the horizon! That’s a lot for me, even in a Non-Covid year! Truly, my suitcase has lived in my bedroom becoming another storage vessel: clothes have flown in and out like the great clothing swap!

Unpacking, laundry, refilling … routine. I can’t do it without thinking, yet, different places require different attire. Some things have found a new home in the suitcase. Putting everything away for a few days, or even a week, seems a senseless waste of time. It shortly will make it’s way back to this place, anyway.

There’s also the “catching up” each time I get home that demands my attention, and then I am back into the “getting ready to leave” phase again. Unpacking just doesn’t prioritize.

“Keep Your Bags Packed” keeps running through my mind!

I have definitely been in that phase physically, but as I’ve contemplated it, another meaning has surfaced.

Until two years ago, I could’ve laid out my short- and long-term plan and would’ve totally thought I knew how it would play out. My husband and I thought we knew how the path to retirement would go. After being in one spot for over 30 years, there was no reason to think we’d be packing till we hit the golden years.


Nope! Change was on the horizon; hidden from our view. When it popped up out of no where, it became very apparent that we were wrong. In every sense, we knew God was packing us up. We were moving.

30+ years in one spot can lull you into thinking, you KNOW! Boy, was I fooled. I didn’t know!!! My husband and I have always been committed to following God’s leadership. When He said, “It’s time to pack your bags!” We did, even though the road was rocky and hard at first. Honestly, I’d rather be uncomfortable than not follow God’s voice and instruction.

So, we began an unknown journey and packed our bags! Things have been moved in and out of our scope, not completely letting us unpack and settle yet! I’m learning to live out of a suitcase and follow God’s moving; leaving predictions, preconceived notions, and planning behind.

There may be someone who needs to hear this today:

Keep. Your. Bags. Packed.!

Don’t presume you know!

Hold loosely to plans!

You may think you know! In reality, you probably don’t!! In fact, you may not know the half of it or any of it: circumstances just lull us into thinking we do!

The valleys and mountains on your journey may be around the next corner or completely hidden. Don’t fret or fear! God will lead you through where He is taking you! You may not have gotten the memo, but God knew where you would stand! Grab His hand and let Him lead.

Keep. Your. Bags. Packed. 

Living out of a suitcase may be different, but it has some awesome bonuses!

P.S. Cute luggage helps!! 😉

On the Move,

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