Two Days Later …

Two Days after my Mother’s Funeral, the Most-Dreaded-Day

came one of the most JOYOUS Days ….

Welcome to the World

Justice Everett!!!

It has been the extremes of emotions. Holding such extremes simultaneously is rare. It’s hard in a beautiful way.

Mom prayed for Justice and his Mom’s health every morning for the entire pregnancy. She asked about him almost every time we talked! Her concern and love for him were evident and vibrant.  None of us could have guessed her leaving and his entering would be so close together. They will always be entwined in my heart.

Mom was passionate about her Grands. She was as involved as she could be in their younger years: regular visits, attending special events and birthdays. Her Great-Grands were just as special even though her health was not as robust and some lived long distances. She used mail, email, phones calls, and FaceTime. (when someone could assist) Visits were not as frequent, but she welcomed all that could be arranged. She connected with children … with joy! Even in her last four years when “Greats” arrived, she thought long about what she wanted to gift them, especially at Christmas. Her ideas were better than mine  … her “Greats” loved them.

Mom kept her “Grands” and “Greats” pictures all around her. If emails were sent with pictures … she printed them out. When Christmas cards arrived with pictures, she put them out. When professional pictures arrived, they were framed and placed with the others. Her love was evidenced by their prominence surrounding her!

As I snuggle newborn Justice, it is evident a New Miracle has arrived. He is the best therapy I could imagine for my grieving soul. As Mom’s New Eternal Life began in heaven, God gifted our family New Life on earth. Justice was not the only new arrival: my niece had a precious baby girl join the family the week before Mother passed. 

Celebrating new life certainly helps bear the sorrow. Imagining
Mom’s new beginning in heaven helps grief even while living loss.

Grief does not deplete Joy and Joy does not erase Grief!

I am so very grateful for our New Miracle of JOY in my loss!!!

Living Sorrow and Joy,

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