Harry & Meghan

Royal Wedding

Did you notice, last month, there was a royal wedding?

If you didn’t, you have successfully unplugged from this world. Congratulations, share your secrets! If you noticed, you shared the experience with 29 million+ Americans.

Fairy-Tale Love

Why does  “fairy-tale love” keep us riveted? 

Give us the details: the back-story, how they fell in love, who is she, who is he, why did they chose each other, how did he propose, where will the wedding be, what kind of dress, shoes, jewels, tiara, flowers, and so on and so on and so on. 

My mental-processors reel like a slot machine hitting jackpot, “Why am I interested in this?” My brain cross-examines me, as my eyes are glue-stuck to the TV. The story compels me. I’m captivated.

My answer to my brain (it’s scary up there):

Love attracts and consumes us, because love is at our core.

Made for Love

God created us to love us. He wanted a relationship, so He fashioned man: to spend time with, talk with, sit with, and love on. If “lonely” can be possible for an all-sufficient God, and I don’t think it can, yet, it’s the closest I can conceive of why God wanted us. God wanted a relationship of love. His other creations, still left Him “lonely”; He wanted more.

So, God designed and made man. 

Even though, God loved Adam very much. He saw Adam needed earthly companionship. Straight away, God created a solution. He formed Eve, to match Adam; putting his rib in her, for human connection.

What do ribs do? This was not a silly-nilly body part choice. Ribs protect your lungs. What do lungs do? Lungs take oxygen out of the atmosphere and transfers it to our bloodstreams. Because, what do cells need to live? Oxygen!

God’s breath gave us life. (Genesis 2:7)

Ribs protect that life. We were built for relationship. Love is “in our DNA”. It was constructed in us and for us. We get caught up in the most ridiculous details, but, it’s the love story that speaks to our deep places. (What else sits under ribs … hearts!)

Queens, kings, princes, princesses, etc. just add to the ambiance. Palaces, horse-drawn carriages, and cathedrals set a grand and glorious stage to render us spell-bound.

Love is God. 

God IS love as Bishop Michael Bruce Curry expressed at the Royal ceremony. God is the essence of love; the beginning and end of it! Bishop Curry quoted Song of Solomon 8:6-7. A string quartet played a song, written to these verses, as my daughter walked the wedding aisle. It swells my heart. (Listen here)

Life-fairy-tales, collide with reality. No earthly love is perfect, and never can be. Perfect love is only found in God. His love is beyond this world, grander than we can think, dream, or imagine. 

I hope weddings, especially Royal ones, remind you how much you are lavishly and extravagantly loved … tiara, jewels and all!

You were created because God, The King of heaven and earth, loves you!

Excuse me, the butler just rang … tea and crumpets, anyone?


Royally Loved,



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