Wrestling “Take-Down”

Have you ever been present at a wrestling match?

I went to a few in middle school/high school. Probably my friends and I wanted to watch one of the male participants. I had a lot of school spirit! (Wink, wink)

I ended up marrying a former middle school wrestler. There is no coincidence. I didn’t enjoy the matches. I winced, turned my head, shut my eyes to get through. I never understood, or even now understand, why they want to fight and hurt each other. It seems barbarian and totally against my nature. Let’s not discuss the uniforms!😜

Two of my grands wrestled in middle school. I screamed, videoed and cheered my way through. But, I have to admit I still wanted to wince and cringe!!! I’m sorry … they just look like they are getting hurt and I’m cheering it on?!? It feels unethical!!

Don’t even get me started on “Professional Wrestling” (so they call it)…. YUCK! Gross! I will NOT watch! It’s torture. I do NOT get it … At ALL!

During my time in the wrestling bleachers, I learned a few terms. One of them is a “take-down”. When one wrestler takes his opponent from standing, down to the mat, in one fell swoop. It’s instantaneous and I guess hard to do. They muster all their strength, grab a tight hold, twist and wrangle to drop their opponent.

I’ve been in the middle of a “take-down” this week. It has felt like a real wrestling match!!

I know we all do it, at some point, but wow, I never look forward to it… the Christmas “Take-Down”.

It’s not just the reality of the season once again passing, it’s the physical boxing that wears me out. I feel like it takes all my strength to tackle this annual opponent! Wrangling holiday decor to once again fit into boxes is always mind boggling… “It used to fit.” “I know this was in this box.” “Which box was this in?” “Where do you belong?” These are the cheers my mind processes, as the opponent seems ever more cantankerous as the moments pass.

As I open the boxes in the fall, they seem so pretty and joyful. In January, they turn into rascally toddlers who run in circles taunting you to catch them and put them away… aka “take them down.”

And why oh why does it always take so long to complete the match! Goodness… one day turns to two. Let me reorganize, let me label better, let me, let me,… and there goes your week. Right before your eyes it passes and now this match has flat worn you out. The mess alone makes me want to quit and forfeit. I’ve raised my hand before, but no one calls the match! Where is that man with the whistle when you need him?

Oy Vey, this years “take-down” is almost complete. You ARE going down buddy!!! It’s been a long week.

There is one consolation in this match… I know who the winner will be.

I’ll muster every ounce of fortitude.

I refuse to surrender!

Hopefully, tomorrow, my hand will be lifted above my head declaring my dominating WIN!!! My rascally opponent may have left his mark, but he WILL be wrangled into boxes!!

Next time I see him, he will exude sighs and sparkle joy: the paradox.

This opponent is quick on his feet with surprising moves! He catches me off guard often. I love him in all his holiday splendor until the match begins. Then, I want to pin him down and take him out in the first few minutes. I wanna hear that hand slap the mat signaling my dominance.

Have you had your annual wrestling match yet?

If not, when?

If so, when was it? How did it go? Any bruises or surprises?

Tomorrow evening, I’ll be soaking in a hot tub celebrating, once again, my domination and super powers … my delusions make me happy! 😊