A Bedroom Refresh…

Slow and Steady …

I eluded to this “refresh” in this post a few weeks ago.

When my husband says, “We need to replace our bedspread!”…. It’s time!!
He never says things like that! Usually, it’s more like, “Did we need a new one of those?”

I had already been thinking about it and had it on my list of things I wanted to do. His encouragement moved the project way up the list. Of course, he didn’t see this as a “project”. He meant just replacing one thing. Silly notion… that’s not how it happens.

Let’s back up a bit…

We moved into what I refer to as our “tiny house” 2 years ago, April 11th.

When we moved in, it was our second “downsize”. The one thing I wanted to do was keep my bedroom furniture! It was gifted to me over 10 years ago. It holds a lot of love. Problem is, its large furniture; a king-size bed, triple dresser, armoire, sizable side chest, etc. I was pretty sure the bed would fit, but the rest would be tight.

All the essential pieces fit. I was a happy girl!! Once you sleep in a king for decades, downsizing seems impossible. We struggle on queen beds.

As we were organizing the house, our bedroom linens stayed the same as our prior location. Changing wasn’t a priority and it fit okay. I didn’t even style it much. I plopped everything in its prior place and let it be.

I knew it needed updating, so when hubby mentioned it, my decor wheels started turning.

Our old bed linens were a white matelasse bedspread with a white & black coverlet folded at the end of our bed. I used grey pillow shams to pull it together with our grey wall paint. I liked it! In fact, I think our last two or three bedspreads have been white matelasse. I love cotton; duvets are just too hot for us! Sorry, I didn’t think about a before pic.

Coming up with a new plan has been a slow process. I’ve always loved black and white. Over the years, I’ve discovered that mint green is an appealing color to me (thus the color on my website) and that morphed into Sea-Glass! I’ve always loved sea-glass, although I’ve never found it on the beach! But the frosted, muted colors are calming and peaceful to me. I think moving to the lake has emphasized my love for those colors.

Eventually, I decided, I want some sea-glass colors in my neutral bedroom!

The attached bathroom has some bolder teal/green in it and I thought that would marry together well! Same color scheme, different shades.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to achieve it, but I kept it in my forethoughts. After looking at lots of patterned/colored bedspread/comforters, I decided I still wanted a white bedspread or comforter. A nice, soft, comfy comforter drew my attention more and more. I just wanted to climb into bed and sigh from the feel of my linens.

Of course, I could have bought the “sigh” with oodles of money. Luxurious bedding abounds if it suits your wallet. I was trying to get luxury from a coin purse situation.

I was striking out everywhere on the web, except for the luxury bedding sites. I waited, hoping for ginormous sale notifications. I was keeping my eyes open, though!

One day, I was walking through Marshalls, where I was purchasing a birthday gift, and I spotted something on the end cap.

Was this it??

Though I wanted a white bedspread, I envisioned a sea-glass green quilt folded at the bottom. It could be a grey/green since my walls are light grey.

The closer I got, the more it seemed possible. Yep, it was a greenish grey with a sea-glass quality to me! I stood there a bit, considering. Then I held it next to a white comforter. “Ok, this could work.” It was from a designer I find myself drawn to over and over. AND… the price fit my coin purse!

I brought it home knowing I could always return it, if I didn’t love it in the space.

I did like it with the walls, carpet, furnishings, etc. It was a keeper and the first piece of the puzzle.

I, then, began the hunt for a white comforter. This took months. I knew I wanted some texture on it, but wasn’t sure what. Many white comforters with texture seemed busy, and I wanted our bedroom to be quieter, calming, peace-inducing.

One day, shopping with my daughter in different stores, a white comforter jumped out at me! I wasn’t shopping for it then, but walked through the bedding section. Lots of times, I find things in stores when I am away. They carry different stock than the stores near me. I consulted with my daughter. Got out the picture on my phone of the sea-glass comforter at home. Again, I purchased it, knowing I could return it. It was a Home Goods store, one of my favorite places to shop.

Guess what?

The designer on the comforter was the same designer as the quilt!! Very different textures, but the same designer! I told you I’m drawn to her merchandise.

I took it home and loved the combo!

Next up, the pillows!

This was no fast or easy decision. Oh my goodness, I could not find what I envisioned. I knew I wanted sea-glass colors repeated in the accent pillows somehow, plus remembering my wall color, but I just couldn’t find a solution!!!

After looking at lots of bed decor, I came up with three accent pillows in front of my shams and a large lumbar pillow in front. Large lumbar pillows seem to be very popular right now, but I knew it was a trend I would like for years to come. My lumbar gem came from Etsy. It was a little more than I wished to spend, but my other accent pillows were very reasonably priced. I ordered and sent back several iterations settling on this…

I knew the room accents needed to be minimal since my furniture used up so much space. I downsized some frames on my favorite dresser photos. And paired down the number. I added some green glass vases to mimic the sea-glass.

I have little wall space left in this room after the door, closet doors, bathroom barn doors, and furniture. So, I hung one wedding picture and my silhouette from first grade. My brother, sister and I all had the same first grade teacher, Mrs. Snyder. She made these silhouettes for each child. Our three silhouettes hung in our home ever since. When my parents moved to their retirement home, each of us got our silhouette. When my kids were small, it was popular to do them by visiting artists at children’s stores. I love them. They’ve hung by my first grade silhouette ever since. I knew I wanted to continue to hang them even in our tiny house. This was my solution.

My silhouette has slipped down over the years. I’m afraid to mess with it!

I may add another shelf or photo in this grouping. Still trying to decide!

This has been one of the hardest downsizes to me… my photos. Our tiny house just doesn’t have the wall space to accommodate all my favs over the years. I have shed some tears over not hanging some photos! It’s been hard for me!

My final touch was adding sea-glass itself!!

Here it is and I love its presence in the room! It’s subtle, but I know it’s there and see it right beside my bed! It started this whole journey!!!

See it?

There you have it, our bedroom refresh!
Are you working on any home refresh?

These things take time. It doesn’t always come together on one or two shopping trips or online sessions! It’s worth the wait!!

What’s your favorite color or inspiration for decor lately?


2 thoughts on “A Bedroom Refresh…

  1. It’s exquisite Elaine!!!
    I begged John to forego having our entire finished part of the basement painted this summer as planned and to instead, pull up the carpet in my craft room and lay LVF. I knew this was needed for my mental health (and I wasn’t kidding!) I haven’t had an organized craft room since we moved….and I downsized my space, but not really my crafts. So for weeks my craft stuff has been all over our family room and kitchen while we got the floor done, installed a wall of garage cabinets and started going through my stuff, selling, donating etc. I had also brought a lot of my sister’s craft stuff home with me when we cleared out her house so I had boxes to go through. I’m not done, but it’s getting there. My mind and heart feel clearer!!

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    1. That sounds like a big job, but very rewarding when you finish!! Yes, organization and put-together spaces make me feel better in every way too!! Thanks for sharing!! I’m cheering you on to completion!!!👏👏👏


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