In The Waiting … TODAY!

I am currently in a holding pattern.

In other words, I am waiting!!

A few weeks ago, I posted my daughter’s baby shower. (Click Here)

Well…. the time is near!
Baby Delaney is due TODAY!!!

Yes, this very day is her due date!!

We ARE waiting for her arrival!!

We are NOT waiting patiently! I can’t wait or should I say DON’T wait very well. I am paying attention to every possible indication, symptom or wisp of a reason to think the delivery process is nigh!!

Weekly checks at the doctor and daily check-ins with my daughter are reality! My mind is constantly roaming and fixating on delivery possibilities. I could be absent for a few weeks soon. I will gladly check out of the web-universe to move into a room next to our new granddaughter!

I know she’ll arrive before Easter, but specifics are evasive. Predictions are illusive.

So, in my waiting, I thought I’d share a few little “happies” around the house, helping keep me grounded and busy. I’ve tried to keep moving forward while I wait; few projects have helped me wait. Upon completion, they draw my attention and provide little joyful distractions.

Every November, I purchase a Christmas book. Richard Paul Evans has become my tradition. Every year, he publishes a short Christmas novel. It’s been a little holiday treat for almost 20 years. It’s an easy, quick read. I still hadn’t read it for 2022. So, this week, in my waiting, I dug in. I’m almost done. His writing is a lovely distraction!

I have a little bedroom refresh going on! It’s been a slow process. When it’s finished, I’ll share it with you. Till then, here is a sneak peek. See the sea-glass? I am such a fan of sea-glass colors. I wish I lived in a place I could find some at the shore. That has never happened with all my years of beaching! Hint: you can purchase sea-glass!! I think the colors are calming: they make me happy!

My Easter/Spring Decor. Most of it is from past seasons and holds lots of memories. The vignettes are pops of happy around the house.

Nan’s Peanut Butter Eggs; a family tradition. She made this bunny too!

For some reason, this arrangement on the table has made me smile. Of course, I’d rather have my favorite live white hydrangeas or peonies in the vase, but I use these faux flowers when I don’t have fresh. It’s so simple, but so happy!

Oh, how I love this urn on my porch. It’s seen some usage, but I love its look and it’s cheerful greeting. About this time of year, we put pansies in it. My husband did that this week. The pansies fare well on the porch and last quite a while. At Christmas, we put a live small pine tree in it. Fall, I stack some real pumpkins in it!

A Welcoming Happy!

We just finished this little project two nights ago. I knew I would love it and I do!! We strung lights on the deck. They’re on a timer, so they come on each evening and turn off at midnight. Lots of people on the lake have lights at night. I love seeing them. Maybe, someone across the lake will enjoy ours, as well. We want to add lights in the yard when we finish the walkway, but this start makes me happy!!

Filling several hundred Easter Eggs for our community Easter Egg hunt has kept my hands busy. Several hundred families attend. 5,000 eggs is the target goal for the event! I really liked hunts as a kid😉

Changing out my seasonal clothes has taken place this week, as well. In a small house, closet switching out and using under the bed boxes are a necessity for me. Keeping my clothing pared down helps too, but I’m not an expert at that yet😉

Anybody else in a “waiting” period?

What do you do in the waiting?

What are your “Happies” lately?

Happy Spring! Happy Waiting! Happy Easter!

Waiting for Laney,

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