TWO Big Surpises … I’ve been keeping secrets!

My heart pounds and pulse quickens at the excitement of sharing with you two BIG happenings over the last 8 months.

With Joyful Elation I am blessed to share….

over the next few months!!!

“Cousin Twins!!”

My heart is exceedingly joyful and bubbling over!! There could not be more exciting news for this “Mumzee” called “Zee Zee”! I LOVE babies. Grand-babies are just that … GRAND! To have two more join our family is a precious, priceless gift!!

Hear me when I say, if you are still in the longing phase with perhaps infertility or loss, my heart breaks for you. We have walked that road multiple times as a family. It is in the shadow of those losses that I express so passionately the joy of life. It is not a given. And the very hard places make my elation exuberant!

I was shocked with both of these announcements, even though many prayers had been lifted for years. YEARS!! You may have heard me screaming, shaking, crying, and squealing. It has taken months to wrap my head around this reality because, for so long, prayers were all I had. The new truth jolted me in the best possible way ever!!

You can bet with all that is in me, I have thanked and praised God for His wondrous works. His hearing my prayers and sending these blessed girls to our family!! Unending praise and thanksgiving!!

Our First Baby Girl is due the beginning of December!!

Here is her Mommy and Daddy’s announcement of her coming…

“It’s with hopeful hearts that we share… a newest little one will be joining our family at the end of the year. Infertility, miscarriages, and still birth make pregnancy far from carefree, but we are trying to be present in this moment, right now.

Can’t wait to meet you, Indie Mae!”💕

Zee Zee and Papa are so excited to meet you too, precious girl!

(She was the size of a peach the week the announcement was made.)

Birth Announcement #2

“Danny and I are so happy to share that we are expecting a sweet little pumpkin to arrive in March 2023!! And… it’s a Girl!! 💖 We are simply overjoyed and cannot wait to meet our precious baby girl next year!!” 🥰

Zee Zee and Papa can’t wait to welcome you to the crew, Baby Girl💕

These two girls will join their solo girl-cousin, Goldie, who is two. Indie Mae will live in a household with two big brothers. #2 baby girl is my daughter’s first child.

Each of my three children’s families will contain a girl! 💗

I’m thinking girl power may take over! We all know Goldie can lead this young pack of lionesses. We can’t wait to watch!

Truth be told, the males in our family love babies. Indie’s brothers, I know, will adore and protect their little sister. Deacon, age six, has wanted a sister from the moment he knew about such things!

Now, you know what I’ve been holding in!!

Two more to love, cuddle, enjoy and cherish!

I am abundantly blessed and do not take these precious young lives for granted. I will treasure them as a priceless gift among us, like those who have come before!

Celebrate with me by praying, if you pray, for healthy months to come and safe deliveries!

Two more babies to love!!

If this is something you’re praying for, let me join you in pray.
My heart longs for you.

Put “ME” in the comments and I will join you in prayer!


Tell us a surprise you’ve been keeping (if you can tell now)!

Hooray for Pink, Bows, Lace, Ruffles, and Frills,

17 thoughts on “TWO Big Surpises … I’ve been keeping secrets!

  1. I am so happy for your family, wonderful blessing, and praying for continuing good health and healthy baby girls and mommies!🙏🏻💜🤗👶👶

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  2. So very happy for your family!! i love being Gramma to my 15 yr old grandson 💙. Hard to believe he just got his learner’s driver permit! 😳

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  3. I’m so very thrilled for your family! How sweet are God’s blessings, especially when we’ve waited and prayed for them! I’ll be praying for happy and safe/uneventful pregnancies and deliveries!! xx

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  4. Congratulations! Praying for healthy babies and mommies. My daughter in law and son are experiencing infertility so prayers are appreciated. There next step is IVF and there not sure when/if they want to give that a try.

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