Did You Notice?

After last weeks surprise reveals, today, seems a little anticlimactic!!

If you missed last week, I shared TWO BIG surprises, catch up HERE!

I’m caught up in a dreamy swirling world of pink, bows, lace, pigtails, spice and everything nice!!

Even so, something occurred to me this week.

Maybe, it was just a trend that slid into antiquity.

I have not seen its presence this year, except for once!

Remember, for the last few years beginning November 1st, people would start a “30 Days of Thankfulness” on their social media pages. Every day of the month they would post something they are grateful for. Remember?

Maybe your social media crew differs from mine and you’ve continued to see it this year. I know Meta is selective and only shows postings from some of your followers. (Whoever can figure out that equation could likely solve world peace!!) Of the posts I’m allowed to see on my feed, only one lone person has been posting “30 Days of Thankfulness” this year. Believe it or not, a male is generating the posts. Just saying, it’s the females who tend toward these things. I’m proud of him and thankful for him!

Maybe this trend is replaced by something more hip. If so, inform me!

Or maybe it’s no longer trendy to be thankful. I pray this is not the trend!!!

I think most of us would agree that thankfulness and voicing it, even with the printed word, has the most effect on the writer/speaker. It centers and focuses us on what’s important. Shows us where our affections lie. Teaches us to be grateful for the intangibles and simplest of assets.

In a world fraught with chaos, wars, bombings, shootings, division, strife, and self- centeredness thankfulness speaks to our hearts. Being grateful erases the chase to gain and hoard. It spreads peace, contentment, and calm into our own racing hearts. It stops us in our tracks, making us notice our blessings. In the most dire of circumstances, a blessing can be found. It could be the most basic of needs: a roof, food, love, health, etc. There is a blessing somewhere amidst the turmoil and rubble.

When we voice blessings, our heart responds. “Yes, there is something I can be thankful for.” It is a hopeful concrete asterisk to sometimes bleak surroundings.

This is not a guilt trip. I did not post “30 days of thankfulness” either! It is not the only action that shows thankfulness!

Use this as a heart check, like I have:

Am I grateful?

Did I forget to be this season?

What am I thankful for?

Has something impeded my gratefulness?

How can I get back on track for my heart’s sake?

You don’t need to post on social media to prove your thankfulness! But, maybe stop today and write a list of things you are grateful for and want to celebrate this Thanksgiving season.

Ideas: *You can write one thankful a day till the end of the month. *You can talk at dinner and have everyone tell a “thankful” for the day. *You can send a text to someone you want to thank. * You can put out some paper or journal on the kitchen island and ask everyone in your home to write thankful things down when they pass it till the end of the month.

There are a million different ways.

The point is… don’t forget to be thankful.
Use whatever tool to record some of your “thankfuls” this year!

Your heart will be the most affected for good!

Share with us a way you record/rehearse “thankfuls”.

If you want to start right now, in the comment, share something you are most thankful for!!

Let’s start a monsoon of Thanksgiving…

I’ll go first… I’m thankful for the love of God, Family, and Friends, and two little baby girls coming soon!


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  1. Woah, I’ve be so distracted I didn’t even notice. You are right, I remember having 30 Days of Thankfulness in my past Novembers, but got out of the habit. I’m thankful for salvation, my family: immediate, extended, and faith-adopted. That I can still get up off the floor without help.🤣

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