Right In Front Of Me …

He was the picture of “anguish”.

I felt like an intruder watching, but I was put in a circumstance that put him in front of my eyes.

Tears flowed, hands cupped his face, eyes tightly closed, silent words mouthed, a rocking motion more like writhing in the pain he experienced. I looked away, knowing this moment should not include me, but he was right in front of me. I glanced back, watching it continue. His pain-filled face grabbed my heart.

All I can remember thinking was… this is what anguish looks like! Played out in 3D life. I saw it so visibly. My heart ached for him. He was anguishing, extremely distressed!! I was an observer!

I know some of his journey. I’ve known him casually since he was young. He’s now an adult. He’s traveled some hard places.This day his pain was visible.

Images of his anguish may never leave me.

My heart breaks for him.

I relate to pain and anguish one cannot fully describe: I’ve stood in that place too. I’ve shed copious tears and felt so anguished my body responded with rocks and tears and words mouthed in silence. An uncontrollable response; involuntary. Different circumstances than he, but real.

I’ve been taught all my life and people said or texted this verse to me in my darkest days….

1 Corinthians 10:13.
No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability…

This verse did NOT help me. I WAS standing in a place I could NOT bear.

It was beyond me! I couldn’t handle it or figure out where or how to respond. How to make any part of it make sense! I was in anguish, extreme pain.

Hear me clearly…. THE CIRCUMSTANCE WAS BEYOND ME! Bearing it was fracturing all of me!!

This verse turned platitude was not helping me AT ALL!

I didn’t deny God’s words. They simply made little sense in my circumstance! They didn’t bolster me or strengthen me! I was flattened and broken. They confused me all the more!

How was I supposed to bear it???

Somewhere along the journey, I realized people were quoting part of the verse and applying it out of context, ending in a misleading conclusion.

This verse is talking about TEMPTATIONS and not all of life’s circumstances! I was not being tempted in my case. I was not trying to bear a temptation! My circumstances had nothing to do with personal temptation! They were circumstances beyond my control dropped into my lap. Not a struggle with sin!

It often happens, verses are taken out of context and applied to life at large!

If God’s words are ever confusing to you, don’t take someone else’s theology as accurate. Look at the scripture in context and make sure it is not being twisted to fit a set of circumstances it isn’t addressing! Many times people just repeat what they hear and pass along inaccuracies.

The second part of this verse is often taken out of context too or left out of the reciting…

1 Corinthians 10:13b … BUT with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may endure it!

God makes a way to escape temptations so we can bear the temptation! He doesn’t ask us to bear up alone. HE makes a way to get us out of it or through it! It’s not about our abilities but about Him being with us, walking us through, or opening the exit door enabling us to skirt the temptation! So that we can endure it! He is the one who enables us to “bear” it!

In the darkest temptations, he is with us and relying on Him gets us through!

None of us can bear it on our own! He is the one who walks us through!

This part of the verse DID speak to me, even though I wasn’t dealing with temptation! It wasn’t about me, it’s about Him getting me through it. Responding in faith and relying on Him was my solution, even when most broken!

Clinging to God’s hand as He walks me through the darkest night is how I envision it.

It reminded me of the verse:

“It is the Lord who goes before you; He will be with you. He will not fail you or abandon you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” Deuteronomy 31:8

His promise to never leave me, nor forsake me, is how I walked through. My emotional, physical and spiritual life took many hits, leaving me feeling broken and weak. But my faith in His presence and love spoke most to my soul.

Many days, I looked as he did, at least to myself. Maybe you have or do too.

Take heart in God’s presence and promise to never leave you, even if you don’t have a warm fuzzy glow of sensing Him! He is not a feeling. He is a presence! His promise is true despite feelings!!

Standing there, it was as if God spoke to me, as I watched this young man anguish, “You need to pray for him more!!”

“YES, I do and WILL!”

He is dealing with very hard things!! I may not be able to understand the things that pain him, but I do understand “hard things” and “anguish”!

Sometimes God gives us glimpses, calling us to action by reminding us where we once stood and encouraging us to open our eyes to those around us, for the good of others!

Have you had any eye-opening experiences or heart tugs lately?

Empathetically Praying,

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