You May Not Like This …

But, I Have To Admit It …

I’ve been full swing Christmas Shopping since the beginning of October! I am 2/3+ done.

It started back in the day when kids were home and December was filled with Christmas activities at school, church, and in the community. December got so busy, I felt a frantic mess at home. I was out of the house more than in and that made for long nights and crazy days. This was before online shopping. Every present had to be purchased by foot power and boy, did my feet scream!!

It wasn’t just the gifts; it was Christmas at home, too. I wanted for myself and my family Christmas traditions and ambience to set the stage for our celebration of Jesus’ birth. Decor was important to me, even if only for me! It focused and centered me on the season.

Could I have done less… certainly! Could I have done more… absolutely!!
I had to find balance to navigate this special holiday for our family.

Way back then, I started shopping early and hastened the process once October hit, striving to finish shopping by Thanksgiving. I knew the December calendar was a flurry of festivities. I wanted the shopping and decorating done to enjoy and to ensure I had the energy needed to sustain the month.

In past days, having a live Christmas tree pushed the decor into December. Once we succumbed to a faux tree (due to allergies in our household), the tree was up for Thanksgiving and the rest of the decor after Thanksgiving. Holiday blending doesn’t upset me at all.

Thanksgiving prepares my heart for the celebration of Christmas. Christmas points to my ultimate thankfulness… Jesus!

If I’m hosting a large Thanksgiving dinner, I leave some fall decor in place, but if not, Christmas takes over the first week of November. The months fly by and the older I get, the quicker the pace… I want to feel the season and give it just due in my heart. I know it sounds a little crazy, but Christmas decor helps my heart focus. I suppose I’m a visual person.

This year, my daughter is hosting Thanksgiving, so next week the tree will come out!! Christmas decorating will begin. Last year was our first Christmas in our lake cottage, so everything was different and I purged as I went. I’m hoping this year is a simpler process. If not, I may have to purge some more or reconsider a few things.

By the way, I am also the person who plays Christmas music beginning October 1! There are so many Christmas songs and I want to sing along with all of them before the season is over. Plus the music helps “set the tone” for Christmas shopping. It stimulates my thinking about Christmas.

I am so excited about a few homemade projects this year!

Since all my “littles” will celebrate Christmas when we see them around Thanksgiving, I’ll have time to share with you what I’m making. Even though they don’t read my blog, hehe, I want to surprise their parents a bit too, so we’ll wait till they open them.

I plan on putting my Cricut to good use this season. It was my present from my children last Christmas and I can’t wait to see how some things turn out. Although, most of what I am doing you don’t have to own a machine to make something similar.

My daughter says the “smell of hot glue” always reminds her of Christmas! I’m a crafter from way back. Maybe it’s genetic. My grandmother made all 31 grandchildren Christmas gifts some years. Each year, my mother made gifts for people. We received many handmade gifts from my Aunt. When my Dad and brothers started hunting each fall, we girls would craft. Dad’s hunting partner’s wife, Mary, would have ideas and so would Mom. We’d craft away while they hung out in the woods all day. I don’t remember what we made anymore, but I remember it being fun for me.

For a few years, I sold items at craft fairs each fall to supplement our income for Christmas. That’s why my daughter remembers the smell of hot glue. I don’t remember it smelling, but it imprinted on her. They would go to bed: I would craft every night. I suppose the smells wafted up the stairs as she slept.

A few different things this year:

I decided not to do stockings for everyone, even though I love stockings. This decision made way for one of the projects I’m making. Doing so, gives me a few more dollars for more expensive gifts, as price points are rising on everything. Traveling for the holidays also makes stockings more difficult… do I bring them with me or use theirs (which they use)? Stockings may return if we have a year where everyone comes to our house.

For the first time, we are doing a large combined gift for my son and his wife. They just renovated their house and wanted a large house item with their money combined! It’s already been delivered!

How about you:

When do you begin Christmas shopping, Music, and/or decorating?

Do you have strong feelings about separate holidays?

What’s your game plan for the celebration?

Living by my own clock,

4 thoughts on “You May Not Like This …

  1. I’m the very opposite of you my friend! lol You see, Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite Holiday! I think it’s because there is no focus on shopping or on gifts or on any of the other material things. Just a time to focus on a good meal and family! It’s a time to be thankful for the blessings God as given us, a time to enjoy your family and spend time together and share a meal together and to remember those that are no longer with us. I do as many Fall decorations, even a Fall tree, as I do for Christmas, hence my Christmas decorating doesn’t begin until the day after Thanksgiving. As far as shopping, My sister, Carolyn, and I used to be Christmas Eve shoppers and it was my favorite time to spend with her! We’d shop all day and wrap gifts through most of the night! I will said that as we’ve aged and online shopping is available, that tradition is no more. I do most of my shopping online now, but I do miss the excitement of the Holiday rush! I don’t have a particular timeline that I begin shopping now, but it’s usually always after Thanksgiving.

    Regardless what your traditions are for the Holidays, just slow down, enjoy your family, and thank God for your Blessings and for the birth of our Savior! May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving, and a glorious Christmas, especially you and your family Elaine! I love you guys and miss seeing you as often as I once did!!

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    1. I love all those traditions and happy they bring so much meaning and joyfulness to you!!!❤️

      Doing things early helps me slow down and contemplate both holidays more! Thanksgiving might be my favorite too actually!

      I know some people thrive on the hustle and bustle. I like a little of it, but it wears me out if I am not prepared! God made all of us different and I celebrate that!!!

      Miss you too … blessings❤️


  2. My mom always made the holidays special for us. She would paint a Christmas picture on our picture window every year. She would save one Christmas card we received the year before. She would start it the day after Thanksgiving. I am like a little kid, so many wonderful memories. She loved ceramics and I have alot of those. My dad was in charge of making honeydew cookies, he wasn’t very emotional but I can remember him smiling while he was doing his part. I sure do miss them both. CHRISTMAS 🎄 is my favorite holiday, you can ask anyone I know and they wouldn’t even have to think about it.

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    1. Those are awesome memories! Thank you for sharing Judy! I love the painting a scene in the window … that sounds very memorable and lovely!! I’ve never heard of honeydew cookies. Having a specific memory for each parent is heartwarming!!🎄🎄❤️


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