Not Just Yet …

While many of you may have wrapped up the holidays, defrocked your homes and settled into a New Year, my tree still has a plethora of unopened gifts nestled beneath it. I turned the calendar, exchanged “Happy New Year” Greetings, but I’m not done with Christmas!

I lived through each day last month, yet the normal activities did not all commence!

It was odd, unexpected, and out of the norm.

Sickness invaded our ranks. It highjacked our celebrations and togetherness! About the time, we felt safe to mingle. Another round hit and back we went again to quarantine.

We’d rather be safe than sorry. I didn’t want to pass any potential illness. We can’t always tell who is most vulnerable among us. I’d rather isolate than feel responsible.

We spent time at home, but there was no one to gift the presents surrounding our tree.

We are planning two celebrations this week/weekend which will complete Christmas 2022.

I’m having a hard time embracing a New Year when I have 2022 things to finish!

Anybody else relate?

Maybe, it’s not a Christmas celebration, but some other uncompleted task.

Here’s My Thought: Make plans to finish what needs completed.

& Make plans to move forward.

I haven’t waited to start 2023. It’s impossible. The dates change propels us into the next year. It’s beyond our control. But things can hold us back from fully engaging. We may recognize the date on the calendar, but our mindset, hearts, energies are still being spent toward the past.

Make a plan to finish to the best of your ability.

Make a plan to move on.

If you can’t finish, find peace by laying it to rest. Do the best you can to your satisfaction.

Then, take steps forward into fresh places, spaces and time frames.

Leaving things undone can affect everything ahead. It can give us unsettled feelings, haunt us or be that thing we regret not doing. Try your hardest to complete it or find a completion point and then move on.

Completion Point: Many times we can’t actually 100% complete something or bring it to resolution. In those instances, determine a completion point for yourself. “This is the place I consider it done!” That way, it does not hang over your head like a plague, shadowing everything else you do. It also won’t weigh on your mind as that “one thing” that still needs done! Carrying things like that seems to get heavier as the days, months, years pass. They can become unbearable. Free your future of “past things”. Give yourself permission to be done with that and take steps to move forward, unentangled by things that should be in the past. Don’t drag them along with you into every day of the future…. It’s exhausting.

I plan to finish Christmas 2022 this weekend! I am looking forward to celebrating with the ones that couldn’t gather in December! Their absence was deep and magnified while we isolated. I am NOT done celebrating yet!!

I’ve already been making 2023 plans the last three days! There will be a lot to celebrate and accomplish! But, I still want to finish the past celebration we were denied!!

Next week, I plan to be fully into 2023!

I need to make some new plans and schedule some completion points!

Caveat: I am not talking about grief here. Date changes do not change grief. Sometimes they enhance it! We walk forward with grief. Once experienced, it stays with us throughout our days. I do not believe it is something you finish. You loved that person. Their absence is ever before you. It is impossible to forget them and you would never want to. You carry them and their love with you even in their absence; they are part of you for your life’s journey.

Anything holding you back?

What plans have you made in these first four days of 2023?

In the first four days, I’ve had the supreme joy of making Baby Shower plans for

Baby Girl #2’s arrival the end of March!!

Still Christmasing,

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