What To Do?

We celebrated Christmas with our daughter last weekend. It was so nice for everyone to be healthy and share the same space for a few days.

I am ready to begin the New Year!

I hope I’m not the only one whose holidays got elongated, meshed together. I welcomed the New Year but didn’t plant my feet there yet. No putting away holiday decor, or organizing my life, cabinets, closets, pantry, drawers, etc.

Seems I see it everywhere. People plunging into the year by organizing every nook and cranny. That’s more of a Spring-thing for me.

Or I see the others declaring “words”, “statements” or pinpoint focus for the New Year.

Still others are declaring intentions like “no spend January” or eat from the pantry for weeks, new exercise routines, or planning trips, etc.

Isn’t anyone else tired after the holidays?

I’ve always wanted January to drip by at the pace of molasses, affording me rest, contemplation and a physical reset from the fast, feverish pace of November and December. This last holiday I spent most of my time at home because of illnesses, mine and others which kept us from gathering. I still need to rest from that😂 January hits and my bear’s instincts scream “hibernate”.

Anybody else?

Now, when the temps rise to the 70s, like last week, my body has seasonal confusion. It doesn’t know what to do, how to act, or how to adjust! This bear wants to hibernate but I’m sweating!! It kinda ruins the winter freeze, which triggers snuggle time: not optimal for the calm and quiet needed for a seasonal doze.

The temps this week have renewed my winter spirit; once again relishing fluffy sweaters and interlude.

Don’t get me wrong… I have plenty to do. I just like to do it at a slower pace without a calendar bursting with activity, shouting demands on me! I know it’s unrealistic and unattainable, but I look at January from a distance with such longings.

I don’t want to make declarations or organize at a feverish pitch.

 I might make a short list this month of things I want to accomplish this year or I may do it next month. I don’t feel pressured or compelled by those around me who seem so driven. I’m happy that’s how they want to start the year. It’s not my nature.

What To Do?

Each day this month, I will live. I want to wake up grateful for another day of life. I want to love all my loved ones. I want to honor my faith and God. I want to be kind. I want to realize my blessings and live in the moment. I will do what is before me striving for life and service.

I’d love to experience a few 2023 snowfalls, many soups in the crock pot and fires in the fireplace. I pray I am not caught up in the expectations or achievements of others, but seek my unique place and function here.

How’s Your January looking?

You could be totally opposite of me and that is perfectly wonderful!

Tell us how you like to start the New Year.

Give yourself permission to be who you are and act accordingly!! Don’t fit into someone else’s purpose or niche. Be you! The world needs exactly who you are!

Snuggling In,

5 thoughts on “What To Do?

  1. Loved this post! It brought me smiles😊
    You are a gifted writer and inspire me!
    My goals this year include the word: surrender.
    Im being more consistent and intentional with my time with the Lord, learning to trust him more deeply and resting in His presence and peace.
    I live on purpose with healthy boundaries, but keep my heart open to opportunities to serve in the Lord’s name. Im also on a health journey to improve my quality if life.
    Next month we will start the first of 3 bathroom renovations, starting with our Master! Im not looking forward to purging/relocating everything in that space or making the final choices for what will be in that space(bc that’s not my gifting!)
    But I am grateful we’ve saved the funds for it and that God has blessed me with friends who have the interior design gift to help me!
    Thanks for sharing your gift💜

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  2. January hit us hard: Covid, ER trip due to kidney stones, emergency vet surgery for one of our dogs, broken down car that needed a new battery and a new alternator. All of that occurred in the first week of January. We’re pretty overwhelmed but keeping on. We have special events coming up at church and are preparing to go on a mission trip in March. Things might slow down… in the summer? Maybe?

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