Once Upon A _________?

Once upon a ________?

How would you fill in the blank?




My daughter asked me in early December, if I could save Feb. 4th for something! Being the holiday season I replied, “SURE!” “Mark your calendar! I’ll explain later,” she replied. I was happy too! Any day with my children is worth as many days on the calendar as they wish!!

I asked no more and semi-forgot about it! I thought it might be something to do with her coming baby.

When celebrating Christmas, which most of you know was late for us this year, (Read Here) she gifted me this beautifully wrapped box. The size didn’t look familiar. I really had no idea what was inside!

Upon opening, this is what I saw….

Inside the scroll … all the details of a “Date Day”, February 4th!!!
She bought tickets to Anastasia with dinner after the show!


If you are not familiar, that is the lead song in Anastasia.

It’s a beautiful song woven into the storyline in several places!

Oh, my goodness!!! This gift touches all of me!

I love musicals! I’ve not been to a live show since before 2020. Anastasia has always been one of our favorites since Liv was a child!! I’ve been privileged to see quite a few Broadway musicals in New York and DC, but never this one!! I was shocked and happy, tears flowed!

Liv explained that for several years she has given her Dad a day on the ski slopes for Christmas. This year was my turn with the wonderful bonus of baby Delaney coming along… our first “Girls Date”!

This past Saturday, we ventured out for our date. The weather was frigid, but our hearts were so warm and filled with glorious anticipation!

I know not everyone likes musicals, but I don’t understand why. The live orchestra alone is worth the price of admission. Add in the characters, professional voices, enthralling sets, captivating songs and storyline. I am on sensory overload. Every part of my mind, body and spirit is filled with sensation! It’s a beautiful symphony of moving parts all coming together to deliver mega-bolts of celestial joy!

Some of you may roll your eyes right about now, but truly, that is how I experience it!

Most of you know, music is at my core! It’s a rare thing to have my music senses satisfied beyond expectations… professional musicals definitely fit that bill for me. Like I said, the live performances of actors and instrumental musicians combine to thrill my senses. I’m sorry, I just can’t imagine it not doing the same for others. Yet, I realize God made us all a little different from one another.

This group of performers was Oh-My-Word-Amazing! Their singing voices were remarkable, and their acting skills portrayed and told the story so eloquently. I wanted to break out in song too, but kept my involvement to an “inside-my head hum”. My daughter was prepared to poke me if I got louder. Sometimes you just get carried away in a story and forget anyone else is there. That is a commanding stage when it happens! I can tell you I did not take my eyes off of the action!!

We satisfied our vocal participation in the car. To and from the event, we listened to the Anastasia sound track and sang in harmony. That too delights me!

After our thunderous applause and standing ovation at curtain call, we had enormous sighs of happiness, grins on our faces, and elation in our hearts!

WOW, It-Was-Wonderful!

Following the show, we hopped over to a favorite Mediterranean restaurant. I love Mediterranean food. Below is the spectacular fried cheese appetizer… flambéed at the table! How’s that for drama?!?

Dinner was marvelous!

We headed home with full stomachs and all our sense’s reeling in the best possible way!!

Have you given a favorite “experience gift”?

Or received one?

Are you a musical fan? If so, what’s your favorite?

Thank you Olivia for such a wonderful touching gift! What a incredible day with you and Delaney!!

Smiling and Singing,