Three Words…

Do you have Valentine traditions?

What are they?

I suppose in our younger years, my husband and I went out to dinner and/or an occasional movie. But, we have no set valentine tradition. Dinner sometimes gets complicated by bustling restaurants and goodness knows, we don’t want to wait for a table. The flip side is…. I don’t want to cook either! Carry out fits the ticket just fine.

Long ago, I told my husband no extravagant flowers or chocolates. Prices are too high at Valentine’s Day. I’d rather spend that money on several grocery store flowers in season!

He always writes me a card and sometimes gifts my favorite candy, black licorice. I know I’m weird. I only get it a few times a year, so it’s a uniquely yummy treat to me!

I will confess… I am the worst at writing my husband cards. I know it makes no sense, me the writer. But, it always seems I’m sidetracked by something. It’s hard for me to jot something so heartfelt, quickly. I’d rather not do it, then make it simple, thus it becomes complicated for me. A simple signed card is not in my repertoire. Again, I know it makes little sense. I’ve bought many cards and never given them! I’ve also banned him from spending $5 or more on a card!! Ridiculous! The dollar store’s a good choice.

Sorry, Jim, for all the unwritten cards, my lifetime valentine! I hope you know you are loved and adored! I thank God for gifting me a loving, caring, devoted husband and father/ Papa to our family. You bless me in so many ways. Thank you for accepting me and loving me beyond cards and fleeting sentiments!

I have gifted him a homemade dessert of his choosing in recent years! He loves dessert and I rarely make them. This year, I picked one of his top favs… a yellow cake with homemade fudge icing. He refers to it as “chocolate cake” which always makes me chuckle. It’s a yellow cake 😉 He says that’s what he grew up calling it. You can imagine the first time he asked me to make a “chocolate cake” and he got a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. He said something like. “Thanks, but that’s not chocolate cake!” How could a cake be so confusing?

Communication is key 😂😂

Allow me to share some words I heard this week regarding love that pierced my soul.

I was watching a documentary about Mother Teresa.

A man went to volunteer at one of her missions. He watched the nuns gift people with food and necessities: greeting them and leaving them with words of love and affirmation. He expressed his nerves at approaching and speaking to strangers. He told the nun, “I don’t know what to say.”

Her response to him was priceless, heart/God centered…

She said, just tell them “God loves you!”

He somewhat questioned if that’s what they really needed to hear.

She said, “It will speak to their spirit!” (Even if they don’t believe it!)

I have thought about that every. day. since. Saying “God loves you” is ministering to spirits. As their hands tended to external needs, words tended to spiritual ones by simply saying, “God loves you!” Their minds may not receive it, but the words are meant for their spirit!

It made so much sense!!! It’s truth penetrated me!!!

I believe God made us spiritual beings. I believe it’s essential to care for my spirit. Recognizing God’s love for me, communing with God through His Word and prayer is part of that. Many, many people do not care for their spiritual being. Those three simple words speak to their spirits even if their physical minds don’t know it or conceive it!

I think our world needs to hear a lot more “God loves you!” Even if they don’t believe, it ministers to their spirits!

I’m going to say it more in the days ahead. Hopefully, even every day!

If you desire to touch people’s hearts and spirits, I challenge you to say it too!

I hope all of you know… God loves YOU!

God loves you just the way you are! He desires to know you and lavish His love on you. He will walk with you through this life like no other, never alone. He can fill your spirit with comfort, peace, and hope. In the darkest hours, He will be with you… He. LOVES. you.!

These three simple words contain eternal connection!

They hold hope, healing, and comfort for the frailest hearts.

If you believe it, spread His unconditional fathomless love!

Speak it wherever He takes you!

Three simple words,

6 thoughts on “Three Words…

  1. Lacey and I don’t have any Valentine’s Day traditions either. Early on in our dating years I told him that instead of flowers, chocolate, and cards one day a year, I want him to show me his love everyday and he has certainly done that well! His loving heart, respect, loyalty, and commitment to me and the family mean more than any material thing he could buy! Besides that, those things wind up in the trash in a few days and are a waste of money, in my humble opinion. I know, I’m weird too!

    God loves you Elaine and so do I!

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    1. Betty I love this non-tradition, it’s much harder to do, but leaves a healthier relationship in my opinion! Thanks for sharing and to both of you for loving each other well! It is a testament to the rest of us!!


  2. Thank you for sharing this. “God loves you” is the first thing we share with the students in Kentucky on Hope for Appalachia mission trips. They are told we are there because “God loves you” and to remember that. We will be leaving for KY again in a few weeks and the students will hear this message again! Please pray for the students to hear and believe God truly does love them.

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