Ummm, WHAT?

Here we go again!

I thought it was over!

Nope, I was wrong. That’s what happens when you believe what you hear!

Late last summer, I heard that things were changing. Despite being surprised, I planned to be compliant. I had no choice.

I heard that we ENDED the practice of changing clocks twice a year!

We’ve done it my whole life. I lived it without question. Every Fall, I gained an hour of sleep on a Saturday night. Every Spring, I lost an hour, making getting up for church more difficult than usual! I remember the game of seeing who came to church an hour early or late that Sunday… they were the uninformed, distracted, or more important things to remember, friends. 😂

I knew it was going to be weird for my personal body clock, but hoped I would adjust quickly.

I passed the news onto friends and family. Extolling my wisdom of current laws and practices… “no turning clocks back, EVERMORE!” (Or so I hear!)

Much to my humbled surprise…. WRONG!!

The week before we turned the clocks back, I found out!

What in the world, for months now I’d been preparing for this life change and championing its coming!!

NOPE, WRONG… this year, we WILL turn the clocks back!!

Wait, what, why?? The law didn’t pass as expected!!

I had to UNDO all my extolling!! (Oh vey)

I thought, when I believed what I heard, that the person was speaking from a point of “already done”; this WAS the new law. I suppose they were just preparing for a possibility, but I never heard that part.

I thought it was a done deal!


So, we turned the clocks back! Hearing it may be the last time!

So, yesterday, I learned we will once again “Spring Forward” this coming Saturday!

Confused, I again found out, the law didn’t pass YET! It’s still in the channels of Congress/Senate. Perhaps bouncing back and forth like the hands of our clocks.


Okay, yeah, sure! I’m not that gullible. You got me once, but you took my trust in your words with it!

I know how things work in the Capital… we could be springing and retreating for the rest of my life cause things in those channels get stuck, twisted, and lost trying to find their way out.

Here’s what I know, if you choose to believe me… this coming weekend we will “spring forward” once again, just like usual. It’s spring, things “spring” forth; buds, bunnies and clocks.

Come Fall we could see a change or it could be the same old, same old… one cannot tell these things beforehand! This I know!

Truly I have no vested interest on either side of the debate. All I ask is… please stop confusing us and talking like things are certain that are NOT certain.

I have a reputation to protect: “Extolling” and “unextolling”… not a good look. It’s difficult to discern if something is sure or is reporting in the future tense, confusing the audience. I obviously count as “confused audience”.

Anyone else confused by this?

Do you have a stake in the debate?

If I am the one informing you of clocks springing this weekend… you’re welcome.

I’m pretty sure I’m right😉

Happy Springing,

4 thoughts on “Ummm, WHAT?

  1. NO stake in the debate, but I must admit, stopping this change that affects so much in life, would be a blessing 🙂 Just read that the bill was reintroduced into both houses. Maybe we’ll see this inane procedure stop! Extol on!


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