He Didn’t …

God came to earth, not to summon Shepherds from a field … But, to be among them.

He came as an infant, not for us to gaze at a manger, but, to be WITH us!

He didn’t come to experience his created world in human flesh, He came to walk US through it.

He didn’t come to point fingers at us, but to beckon us to Him.

He didn’t come to condemn us, but, to redeem what had been lost.

He didn’t come to reign over men, but to connect with hearts.

He didn’t come to dwell among Kings and Wisemen, but to reside with every man.

He didn’t come to display His royalty, but to lavish love on all of us.

He didn’t come to make us feel inadequate, He came to show the length, breadth, depth and heights of God’s love.

Emmanuel … God WITH us!

Not just 2,022 years ago to a civilization of Marys, Josephs, Elizabeths, Zechariahs, Shepherds and Wisemen.

He came to be with US …. You and me!!

Take Him with you!!

Take Him into your world; your home, your family, your friends and community.

Take Him into your joy and your heartbreak.

Take Him into your work and your play.

Take Him into your private thoughts and hidden disappointments.

Take Him into broken relationships and stressful agendas.

Take Him into goals and passions.

Take Him in the car and plane and train.

Take Him to the deepest hurts and difficulties.

Invite Him to be with you wherever you sit or go.

He came to be with you!!!

If he’s not invited, he won’t come.

Though announced by a sky filled with angels, He does not need a fanfare.

He came to be with ordinary humans no matter status or titles.

He does require an invitation of the heart.

If you choose, He will be everywhere with you; the lowest valley and the highest peak. He’ll go to every nook and cranny, the glamorous, the mundane, the messy and the ugly. He will weep when you weep, rejoice when you rejoice and has the most extraordinary miraculous way of caring for and loving hearts.



Not just a babe … the King of hearts,

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