BIG Prayers



For a few years, thoughts about prayer, have been camping in my brain. (This could be dangerous). Today, I pass them on to you…

This isn’t a discourse on prayer. I doubt, I will ever finish learning in my lifetime! I risk trivializing the topic; that is my last intention. Perhaps, I’ll be seeing this post in a few years, shaking my head, realizing how little I understood. I am dipping my toe into deep waters, here.

But, if we never try to understand and stretch our preconceived notions or rote answers/prayers, we may remain stagnant and never grow. My faith becoming stale scares me, more than getting in over my head.


“Truths” about Prayer:

Praying is in the Bible.

Jesus did it.

He taught His disciples to do it; I should do it.

He left us examples of praying.

Prayer is conversing with God.


A few years back, I heard a speaker (David Platt or Gordon Fort?), speak about prayer. He said, “What if, when we get to heaven, after greetings, praise, all the firsts … God tells us how much He loves us, how He loved the times we talked to him and shared our heart. He goes on to express how happy He was to care for us and answer our prayers, as He deemed “good”.

Then, God turns … showing us a room filled to overflowing and says,

‘All of this was yours, but you never asked me!’”

Wow! Gut. Punch.!

My little brain rocketed, propelled to new places!

Please understand, the speaker did not mean wealth, material things,

status or power!

He explained, “Miraculous things, only God could do. Things beyond human rational!”

Unselfish things. Maybe, a relationship mended, a health issue no one can solve, a tragic situation beyond hope, a brain rewired, a defeating addiction, a child from infertility, God’s love revealed to someone, big prayers for future generations, etc.

My prayers have changed!

During that sermon, my brain fired off so many things I’ve never thought to pray. And, I have continued to ask God for things far beyond my ordinary prayers.

Here is one secret, I think is perfectly biblical:

We have to give God space to be God. You’ve heard; “We can ask God anything.”

Yes, we can, but… Jesus added at the end of his prayers,

“Yet, not my will, but Yours be done!”

If we pray to God, we believe He is bigger than us.

He’s got control of things we don’t. If not, why would we ask him?

Would you pray to your spouse or friend, knowing they couldn’t change a situation at all? Don’t waste your breath! Useless!

So, if God is in control, then His perspective is far more advanced and different from mine. I don’t view the entire world at one time, know what is going on in all places, or see someone’s life in a whole movie beginning-to-end! I do not have those abilities. But, God does. So, we have to give Him the space to answer from His base of knowledge, not ours: believing His intentions are for our good because He loves us. We can’t comprehend all that is going on, but He can. We ask out of trust in Him.


From that Sunday sermon till now, I ask for huge things, miraculous things, exponential things. I finish my prayers with:  “God you know, so much more than I, what is best. I would not want you to act, if what I am asking, is not your plans, for that person or situation and does not reveal your great love for them. Yet, if there is any possibility, I ask you to reach into time and space, and DO IT! I know you are able and will give You all the credit and praise.”

Here’s the thing:

I don’t want to see a room full of beyond-imagination-ways God could have

intervened on earth, and they are left in heaven’s storehouses because I didn’t ask!

A tragedy, on my part! Maybe this analogy is far from accurate,

but why not pray BIG, He is infinitely ABLE!

I believe God hears every prayer; some prayers are wordless! They come out in tears or stunned silence! I pray those too. God is big enough to know what I mean. He created me, He understands me! 

But, those can’t be the only prayers we pray. God wants a relationship with us. In relationships, you talk to each other. In close relationships, you share your heart. That’s what He desires. He wants you to esteem Him so highly, that you ask Him for huge things, not human things like money, prestige, or fame. One day none of those will matter. He does eternal, priceless, unfathomable things!

I want the “prayer storage room” in heaven with my name on it,


because it has been empty for so long! 



Please God, show me big things I am missing.

I never want my “not asking” to stop Your hands!!


What is a God-sized prayer you’ve been praying?


Sometimes, I’m sure, God chuckles or rolls His eyes at me,


Feel free to share with a friend(s).

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