Fuselage Moments


Spending fourteen plus hours on a plane, sparked a few thoughts I hope to carry forward. And, some nonsense-humor that makes me chuckle.

Fuselage Thoughts

Earth might not always be the best vantage point to view life from. Miles above there is calm; the turmoils of life disappear into peace. There is no hustle and bustle, suspended above earth. (Unless you count an airplane moving at breakneck speed or occasional turbulence.) The strivings of man are miles away! (Except for the minuscule amount of people who have mastered productivity on an airplane. I noticed none.)

Distance can give perspective.

Much of our busyness and striving is useless, unnecessary and trivial. It can be like a hamster wheel of motion propelling us to movement, but making no progress forward in living or our Christian faith. Life can become repetitive motions which once held purpose and intention, but have long dissolved into dailyness and rote behavior.

Psalm 46:10  (NASB)

“Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

A personnel praise session broke out in my heart while suspended above earth!


Beyond-the-cloud-visual, reminded me how minuscule I am.

God cherishes humility.

Proverbs 22:4  (AMP)

The reward of humility [that is, having a realistic view of one’s importance] and the [reverent, worshipful] fear of the Lord is riches, honor, and life.

The magnitude of distance brought the reality home…. God is so so so so so, etc…. much bigger than my mind can comprehend. I, truly, look like a speck of dirt if that big; humans are not visible.

But God….  reached down, molded that speck of dirt uniquely and creatively, gave me breath and life and called me His own!

Viewing miles and miles of land and ocean reminded me how very humbled I am by God’s grace and love for me! Nothing compares! It is vast, abundant, and glorious. Human languages can only express it by slivering amounts.


Non-sense & Snickers

While all appeared peaceful and calm outside the plane, inside I shared the space with several hundred unique individuals: every tribe, tongue, age, size, preference, leg length, bladder size, temperament, temperature, comfort level, etc. etc.

There were babies crying.

I did not snicker at this. My mothering instincts wanted to assist and rescue. I felt helpless.


There were “the cough-ers”.

Ughhhh, nothing makes me want to grab a gas mask quicker than hearing coughing on an airplane. It’s better not to think, when confined. My nursing backdrop took over and bombarded me with thoughts like: How many diseases are in the air droplets on board?, Does everyone have their immunizations?, Have I taken enough airborne, immune system boosters, vitamins, etc?, Maybe a designated coughing section surrounded by bulletproof shields could work? How often are the air filters changed?….. and I am NOT a germ-a-phobe, truly!


There were the “stretchers” … who walked the aisles frequently and constantly. 

There was perpetual motion outside and inside. Some walked the aisles, some stood in the aisles, some managed yoga, even prayer positions.  Most of these caused “road blocks” and traffic impediments which led to creative spatial movement solutions. 



These really got me snickering. People jirated in awkward laughable ways to navigate and fulfill their needs. Planes have the smallest “personal spaces”. It becomes clear, quickly, just how uncomfortable we are in tight spaces: face grimaces, eye rolls, head turns, apologies, leans, twists, contortions all played out.


I get the need to move… it is just humorous to observe it in cramped quarters. We all had a couple hundred new “best friends” according to the personal space allotment rules of our culture. Touching shoulders, legs, bums, backs, climbing around and over people was commonplace in our sky bus.

Meeting needs

Drinks (“flat or bubbly”), blankets, pillows, headsets, “my screen isn’t working”, meals, snacks, eye masks, air controls, warm wipes, etc. I am telling you, those few attendants were moving the whole time. They were up and down the aisles like robots trying to keep everyone happy and calm: satiating us.


I am convinced most of their actions are to keep us food-drunk and less likely to cause any disturbance: the sedative effect! I got warm wet wipes several times, which could be the equivalent to a soothing hot shower or bath; minimized comparably to space….. thanks, for a tiny attempt at disinfecting. 😉



Sleeping sitting up doesn’t seem achievable. 

I snickered thinking of someone watching while I chased the illusive dream of sleep. I resembled a tilt-a-whirl ride at an amusement park; trying every conceivable rendition of positions and postures; head, legs, pillows, blanket, scarf, moving anything I possibly could, even my husband. In retrospect, videoing could have proved a brilliant idea. We might have struck the viral-video jackpot…. missed opportunity.

I was ever so thankful I threw two devices in my backpack; an eye mask and ear plugs. They are the only reason I caught a few winks of rest…. measured in minutes, literally. They were wonderful for blocking out the several hundred “others” I shared the intimate journey with.

One unsuspecting snicker, came on our breakfast tray… a package of Oreos! 

See what I mean about satiating us through our stomachs. It’s. Real. Even in foreign countries, they know how to speak American… processed food. Smiles broke out on many faces!

Still thinking & snickering,


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