Welcome, 2019!


A Year behind, new arising,

Memories made, untold horizons.

Much has passed, never dreamed,

New Year holdings, still unseen.


If we knew, we’d likely try,

To change, rearrange, juggle and strive…

Escaping hurts, seeking charms.

Gripping comfort, dodging alarms.

Yet, every minute, hour, day,

Holds ordinary, gifts, trials the same.

Do not fear, never afraid,

Designer Creator lights the way.

He pens the page now unwritten,

Holds “His own” without derision.


Trust His hand, His heart,

The Greatest Author writes your part.

From beginning to end it’s His to ordain,

Blessed be His name, Blessed be His name.


In Faith Believing,


6 thoughts on “Welcome, 2019!

      1. So true…”If we knew, we’d likely try to change, rearrange, juggle and strive.” But faith is in the not-knowing.
        Happy New Year to you and your family!


  1. great, you know how I LOVE poetry and this says it all. thank you for reminding us, we LOVE YOU. mom, dad



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