Something Intrigued Me …. Do You See It?



Recently, we embarked on an overseas flight. Having the fortune of a window seat, I found myself glued to the view. I was hoping for a raging sunset. You can see it in the distance: not as glorious as I had hoped.

Yet, from my eight by ten window, something intrigued me ….

Do you see it? The clouds forming a floor beneath our plane. They looked so sturdy: like solid flooring. They were persuasive in appearance; a hearty support. Had I never experienced a plane ascending through them or seen to earth in spots, I would have a wrong perception. 

From this view alone, I would have felt confident stepping out onto them.

Yet, truth is… clouds can stop NOTHING from plummeting to earth. 

My perception from my window seat is far from reality! Clouds cannot hold any weight. They do not support things. They were not designed to. Yet, my eyes were convincing me, otherwise: it looked like I could trust them.

I shouldn’t always believe my eyes!

They cannot always view all perspectives at once. Our eyes are wonderful gifts and bring so much knowledge into our brains and world, but they do not hold exclusive truth. Meaning, sight alone, is not enough to prove truth.

Have you ever seen someone doing something or a conversation happening and you were convinced you knew what was being said or done? 

Warning…. Using only eyes, you likely do not have the whole story! 

Eyes can deceive! Don’t always trust what you see! There is always more information to be gathered before deciding or holding a belief, based on human sight.

2 Corinthians 5:7 says:

 We walk by faith, not by sight.

Paul was giving gracious warning to the Corinthian believer’s that faith is in the unseen: God, Jesus, God’s Words (the Bible), etc. which we have not viewed with physical eyes, but “see” with spiritual eyes. They have grasped these truths without the advantage of physical sight.

Our universe walks around believing in what they see. They trust, believe, live by what they view. But, we have all experienced times when humanity comes to the end of itself, its sight can no longer give answers for what is happening in this world; sickness, sadness, destruction, etc.

So, Paul is extolling believer’s: remember walking by sight in this world, is not how Christians walk. We walk by faith in God. One day we will be granted “full sight”, but for now, walk by faith in God and His Words; using the Holy Spirit within, to lead and guide you: not believing, only, in what you see in the physical realm.

Even though I am a lover of photography and landscapes, what I view is a dim vision of reality. There is SO much I don’t see. 

Don’t only trust eyes. They are not capable of presenting the whole picture. Trusting your human sight alone, can often lead to dangerous conclusions with plummeting results: like, if I’d stepped out onto this convincing cloud walkway.

All is not exactly, as it appears.


Warning: “walking on cloud nine” is only a metaphor. You’re welcome 😉


Attempting to Walk by Faith,


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2 thoughts on “Something Intrigued Me …. Do You See It?

  1. Beautiful!! Well said! The journey is a Faith and Trust journey led by the ONE who know best! 🙂
    Thank you writing and posting this.


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