Every Time They Play That Song …

Is there a song that begins and in the first two notes you know…

“Here we go… I‘m gonna be a puddle?”

The first time I heard it and every subsequent time, this song has wrecked me…. Man, it reaches deep inside and surfaces what’s hiding there!

The first line summons weeping:

“Walking around these walls, I thought by now they’d fall…”.

(Tears are welling up as I type them!)


These lyrics bring up an IMAX-full-surround-screen in my head of Joshua and the Israelites walking around Jericho. (Joshua 6) God told them to capture the city and were successful at taking control of the exterior walls, but had not yet penetrated the city. Joshua, instructed by God, had the mighty army march around the walls with Pomp and Circumstance: carrying the ark, accompanied by priests and instruments. They did what God instructed. On the seventh day, with another trip around, some blowing horns and shouting… the wall fell flat!  

Victory!!!… neat, tidy… in one chapter.

Yet, I imagine, if I were in the crowd, it would have not been so neat and tidy: questions, rolled-eyes, “my feet hurt”, “can’t we take turns?”, feelings of fruitlessness, making God look less than Almighty, “Again?”, possible exhaustion, etc.

This story speaks of conquering in God’s name, which certainly translates to prayer and fighting battles. Many things I talk to God about, have quick resolution! (According to me.) But, other major, heavy-weighty prayers stretch out forever without answers or intervention from God. 

Sometimes, it seems I walk and walk and walk around those walls and nothing

happens. I give earnest pleas and focused intention, before God,

knowing He CAN intervene and BEGGING Him to!

From prior experience, I know, He CAN do something about it (move the mountain) and I desperately want Him to. It’s wearing to keep asking and wondering,

“Why haven’t these walls fallen down by now!?!”

When this song begins, all of those unanswered prayers flood my heart and my questions release in tears, sometimes uncontrollable tears. Sometimes, I have to stop singing; sit down. Sometimes, I have to explain to my husband, later, why I was such a wreck during worship that morning. It is a private place between God and me. At times, I have to face the truth… I don’t see God answering yet! It stings and hurts.

Then, the chorus hits:

Your promise still stands, Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness

I’m still in Your hands, This is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet

I’ve seen You move, come move the mountains, And I believe, I’ll see You do it again

You made a way where there was no way, And I believe, I’ll see You do it again

Hallelujah….. rehearsing God’s faithfulness;

reminding myself what he CAN and HAS DONE

is the perfect medicine for my grieving soul! 

I am still walking around walls, waiting to conquer not because He can’t or won’t, but because HE IS…. HE IS CONQUERING… the final results haven’t arrived yet!

While those Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho, God WAS answering. Just because the walls hadn’t fallen yet, the final climax/the visible result, doesn’t mean He’s not giving them the city. He is working things in them: obedience, consistency, reliance on Him, unification, practicing their faith (walking it out, you might say😉) etc. He may have also been working in the residents of Jericho.

I heard someone ask on a podcast: Why doesn’t God answer my prayers? The answer: HE IS! No questions or qualifiers. Just because you haven’t seen the result, you think God is not listening or answering. The truth is He IS answering, it’s just not instantaneous. He is answering, even if you don’t think you have THE answer.

“Do It Again”, is a great reinforcer of faith in God. I recognize areas of petition and striving with God for resolution and also, rehearse His faithfulness and His capabilities. It strengthens my soul and I rest in His hands! 

Singing these words is a drop-to-my-knees moment, or more realistically, flat-on-my-face moment, for me!

Play Here: Do It Again



“… I’m still in Your hands, This is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet …”

Since the first time I heard it, about 9 months ago, every. time. … it. wrecks. me.!


Share in the comments below, what song “wrecks” you and why.


Walking & Waiting,


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12 thoughts on “Every Time They Play That Song …

  1. Elaine I love all of your posts. God uses each of them to encourage or convict my heart. I love this song too. I have a similar reaction to it. When Aaron would put it on the schedule I’d be like, “oh great I’m going to be a crying mess”. Thank you 🙏🏻

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  2. Many songs touch my heart. First from you and then you and your sweet girl to your wonderfully made son(s). You’ve all led my heart to tears, but not of sadness. I am so grateful. God Blessed us with the voices of angels singing songs that share the love of our Lord and Savior. Not just one O’ Holy Night but many.

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  3. So many song lyrics tug at my soul, which is why I actually learned sign language – so I could worship in music with other believers. Unable to hear melody, I am tone “deaf” in my ears & my voice 😂😁 Yet when I sign “I Can Only Imagine” it doesn’t wreck me, it wells up in my heart (not my eyes) with this indescribable hope. The hope of knowing that one day all this weary walking will have strengthened me for some crazy, all out joyful dancing with Jesus!

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  4. I have heard and sang this song several times this week with my radio. I think about the Israelites and their marching too. I keep praying for walls in my path to fall but they seem to remain tall. I keep reminding my self that God’s ways are not my ways and the walls will fall when and if He decides. I too am relying on His faithfulness and love for me.


  5. My one hour commute each morning is my praise and worship hour. Sometimes I wonder why I even put eyeliner on because it is gone by the time I arrive to work. Different songs for different seasons in my life release tears of stress, tears of knowing He is in control, or tears of joy. Healing tears. Thankfully it is still dark and other drivers don’t see me and thankfully no one can hear me, because singing is definitely not my gift. Thanks for your post!

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