Rock A Bye …

Does a rocking chair call your name?

It does mine.

I know my Mom rocked me; I have the chair to prove it!


I Rocked My Babies.

Loved every minute! There was something so soothing, loving, even magical about rocking them. We rocked when I nursed them, bedtime, nap-time, story-time, when boo-boos hurt, to calm, comfort and love. I recall how rocking molded us together. They relaxed and seamlessly our bodies melted into one another. It was the most amazing feeling to feel their heartbeat on my chest. Their warmth on my body. This little life trusted me; feeling secure in my arms.

Who can forget those warm baby breaths on your neck?

… Heavenly is the closest word I can find to describe it! Those quick little exhales moving the downy peach fuzz, sending chills of love and affection through my whole body. I can. not. think of any comparisons.

Minutes and hours of entranced rocking back and forth, molded baby on my chest and shoulder… have to be tidbits of heaven-sent to my heart.

I remember having my daughter: she had two brothers, five and eight years older. I made a wholehearted decision to rock her till MY heart was content. (Knowing she might be my last.) We rocked to sleep, even through whole naps.  At every and any opportunity, we rocked. For no reason, I asked her, “Do you want to rock?” I knew the time could never be enough for me. The older two had proven, time was not on my side. So, I indulged both of us, at every whim.

Way too quickly our rocking days passed.

I still rocked whenever I could, babysitting, friend’s children, nieces, nephews, church preschool, etc.

My Rocking Has Made A Resurgence! Glory Be to God!

I am thrilled to announce. My grandson is a rocker, well, maybe we made him a rocker… whichever way… It’s perfect!!

We rock before naps or bedtime, for boo-boo’s, for reading … and we have found a new time to rock. See … he’s a slow-waker, just like his “Zee Zee”.

Often, when he wakes from his nap, he’s still groggy. I’ll ask or he’ll say “Rocky”. We grab his special blanket and owl and head to the rocking chair. His tiny body, still warm from his snuggly napping place, lies on my chest. We wrap the blanket just so and we rock. At first, he’s quiet, sometimes shutting his eyes again. Eventually, he starts to whisper: talking about his toys or something he sees. Sometimes, he speaks in unknown two-year-old language, but I am enthralled and engaged.

The other day, in our post-nap rocking, he started whispering, “I love you sooooo much.” A phrase we say a lot. So, I started whispering it back each time. He, subsequently, got louder and louder till he and I were in full voice. He cocked his little head away from my chest, looked me in the eyes and instead of saying “I love you sooooo much”, he said, “I love you MORE!”

GASP!! Tears flew into my eyes: I was a weepy mess for a bit. Hugging tighter and snuggling deeper. Those where living words flung from his heart; penetrating mine, like arrows. They spoke love, affection, and nurturing to my, honestly, weary soul. Talk about gifts… those words are the priceless treasures one can only hope to accumulate on earth.

I didn’t want to halt those moments, but before long, he got down, out of our comfy pose, to embark on an afternoon adventure.

It has occurred to me…

In the weary, groggy moments of life, God has taken me, His child, into His lap, wrapped me in a comfy blanket of His love and settled us in a rocking chair. We mold together there. I trust His arms, His heart and intake His love and care. He hears my heart-beats, I feel His too. I am not ready to venture into the world. I need His enrapturing cocoon around me. I need His strength, reassurance, safety and security: an extra boost of His intense and abiding love for me, to remind me … He loves me MORE!!

I wonder…

Does God love the rocking chair as much as I do?

He wants me to grow strong in His love, but knows it’s accompanied by times of hurt, weariness, weakness, nurturing. He knows, I need rocking; time “snuggled up” and “blanketed in.”

He knows I need connectedness. He is strong where I am weak. He is able, when I don’t know. He is sufficient, when I am wrestling and overwhelmed. He is my anchor, rock and fortress. He is my great protector and provider. He CAN, when no one on earth is qualified.

I would wager wealth and fame, believing, God loves holding His children close, hearts beating on His chest, feeling the chilling whiffs of tiny exhales on the nape of His neck; rocking them to rest.

Perhaps, these are treasures God stores in Heaven.

Thank you God for rocking me!


Snuggled Up & Blanketed In,


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2 thoughts on “Rock A Bye …

  1. Loved this!! Takes me back but there is still hope. My son who is much older still sits on my lap and we rock on the recliner, maybe only for a few minutes but makes my heart full. 🙂

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  2. Eyes filled with tears as your words penetrated my heart!
    Getting ready to rock my precious grandson, Mason, to sleep! Thank you, My Sweet Friend!

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