“Down Day”

After three nights in Africa, a low-key day was planned. Jet-lag chased us. An easy day … on the agenda. Some stayed at the hotel and slept the day through or fought the cloud/fog in private.

When I travel, I hate to miss anything! I don’t want to get home and realize I missed something that may have turned significant! Unless unable, I’m the one who shows up early to board the bus and am ready for an adventure!

This “Down-Day” was spent in the “Napa Valley” of South Africa, STELLENBOSCH!

We visited three wineries. I’m not a wine consumer, but I wanted to see the country; experience it. The itinerary clued me there were some interesting offerings. I thought I might learn a bit about the farming side of grapes; that didn’t happen. Nevertheless, there was plenty to enjoy.

Marianne Wine Estates – Most Distinguished Title

It was in a beautiful setting. (See below) To our surprise, Gordon Ramsey selected a wine from this winery to be used at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday party given by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Not too shabby. Others tasted the wine, I stuck this info in my pocket and brought it home.

Warwick Winery – Most Exquisite Lunch

If anyone ever offers to take you here for lunch, raise your hand, scream “Yes!”, jump in the car/boat/or plane immediately!

Wow! This was awesome!!

We had a picnic by the pond on a beautiful low 70s, no humidity, light breeze, perfect day.

The food was phenomenal and plentiful as we lounged by the pond.

By the way, the towering statue of Nelson Mandela is totally handmade of beads!! It was easily 7+ft. Tall!

The kids were directed to play in the fountain!

My heart let’s out a big SIGH, as I think back on this loveliest lunch South Africa could offer! I wish I could have boxed it up and treated everyone I know.

Ordinary met extraordinary this day, in this place!!! Highly recommend!

Vergenoegd Wine Estate – Most Unique

One of the most fascinating experiences: a Duck Parade.

Every day, at 3 o’clock, ducks and geese are rounded up from the pond and sashayed to their evening pen. I doubt I’ll ever experience this again. It was charming, entertaining and quite unique. It brought laughter, squeals, chatter and was a huge Photo-Op. Those ducks and geese know how to perform. They were not the least bit camera shy!! They waddled in linear fashion like models at a Paris Fashion Show: poised, trained, and professional!

Little did I know … these ducks and geese are used at the winery to walk the rows of grapes and eat the bugs! Thus they are trained to walk rows and “parade”!

We rested under the trees in wine-barrel chairs as the breeze refreshed us: giggling, laughing, and sharing with friends was the best part. The setting was surreal and time stood still. (Maybe the “time standing still” was jet-lag. 😉)

Even though I was fighting jet-lag, I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a “Down Day”!

I know I can’t arrange each of you experiencing my “ Down Day” … so, I shared it with you!

Hopefully, a little spilled onto you!

Spill a little bit of your favorite “Down Day” experience on us!

We could all use some refreshing!

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No “Down Day” Whining Here,

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