How Big is Your Box?

I may have alluded to this before or mentioned it in a sentence.
Allow me to expand.

I spent a lot of years diligently seeking to understand and know God! This is not bad. In fact, every Jesus-follower should try to understand His words and actions better, to therefore emulate Him and His teachings.

I learned a lot. A WHOLE LOT! The supply of knowledge to gain, understand and practice is limitless.

Yet, there was a problem….

I acted like I could figure God out and totally understand Him, if my studies were vast and earnest enough. I even occasionally thought I had more figured out than others. Honestly, it was a little like … oh let’s just say … pride mixed with the competitiveness of who knew the most, and who loved God more. Judging was involved because how else could you figure out the winner! I’m ashamed to admit this, it’s ridiculous!

I wanted to be the one who loved God the most! I even allowed the thought of God whispering in my ear, “You’re my favorite! I love you the most!” after He spoke “Well Done” in our face-to-face meeting. It was a naïve ambition, but not altogether untrue! 

I think God can say that about all of His creations, because we are all uniquely created out of His heart of love. If you’ve had children, you know love multiples. You love each of your children “the most” because they’re incomparable. Each owns your heart!

Here’s the problem, I discovered years ago with my pursuit of God …

I thought, “If I know more about Him, collect all I know in a box… at some point the box will fill and I will know Him Completely!!!

What I found? …. God DOES NOT fit into a BOX!!!

No matter the size … he lives outside of human perimeters, even well-intentioned ones! 

You can not contain who He is, nor His actions! 

AND,  if you think you have Him figured out … I venture to say … we don’t know the same God!

I mean that sincerely! He is so beyond us! 

Human minds only grapple with details of His character and actions. We have limited minds by time, space, humanness. You will never predict what He will do tomorrow. If you think you think like Him … you just don’t know HIM! (Show me the universe you created, cause I won’t believe it otherwise!)

Whatever box you build filled with God-facts is NOT BIG ENOUGH!!!

God is unlimited by human restraints. He functions outside the world system we know, not in it! You can study your entire life through, as I strive to do, just to gain bits and pieces of His heart and work. I will never presume to figure it out or wrap up life with nice neat bows.

Many things I can’t explain, will never understand, and can’t answer the questions. It’s beyond me!

Everyone had questions for Jesus and were quite confused about who He was because his actions again and again did not make sense to them. He didn’t answer all the questions and He didn’t stay long enough to help them figure it out in a nice neat box to put on a shelf. He did NOT!

I could go on and on … but if God doesn’t always make sense to you …

Welcome to the World of Faith!

If you think, you’ve lived long enough to figure it out … Your box is not big enough!

You’ve designed a God you can understand … different from the God of the Bible!

The God of the Bible can never be contained in the box of our minds or hearts!

Faithin’ It,

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