Thanksgiving Twist …

We’ve been celebrating early over here with part of our clan. All of us have traveled to and from and to again. Before the week is over, we’ll have Thanksgiving and Christmas 2020 behind us for 2/3 of the family.

So, I’ve been focusing on loving my Family!

I put up a Pack n Play for the first time in a year and a half and admired its presence once again. It felt so right, so long, so perfect … it brought tears. I missed it! I missed the one who used to sleep there. The ones who should have slept there but never will. And the one who will sleep there on his very first visit to Papa and Zee Zee’s house!

One just never knows what will stand as memorials for the passage of time. Who would have thought that bringing the Pack n Play in from the garage and setting it up, along with monitor and sound machine, could fill my senses with all the joys and sorrows a heart can hold.

Thanksgiving poured out. Grief found its way to the surface, too. Joy mingled in between all the spaces. Tears spoke as words diminished.

I hope your Thanksgiving stirs in you something unexpected and you allow it to propel you to respond. Sit in those emotions awhile and breath them in. They show you your heart, priorities, and hopes. They speak powerfully, pay attention. Don’t push back a tear or minimize a joy! 

Pay attention to the moments, not a day or week. Collect the moments like rare jewels. Cherish them and acknowledge their reality. All the moments add up to our life. Don’t waste them, wish them away, or ignore their value.

Who knew setting up the Pack n Play crib could affect me so profoundly?

It gave me moments of memories and the hope of gathering more.

I thank God for the moments He uses to enrich me, grow me, and enlighten me, when I don’t see it coming… out of nowhere.

I hope the same for you this Thanksgiving.

May God’s blessings fill your day and thanksgiving consume your heart! This year has taken its toll, and it’s hard sometimes to find the good among so much trauma and life-changing events. I pray God transcends our circumstances and fills our hearts with His peace and love. May your hearts find rest around your table and in your home.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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