… to introduce a favorite small business, since small business Saturday passed us this week!

I love to support small businesses when possible. They are highly-creative hard-working entrepreneurs; customer oriented and stand behind their products wholeheartedly.

This small business was born out of Covid-19 shut downs.

Kaitlin, an actress, writer, director, producer, lives in New York City. I’ve known her since she was a wee one! Watching her grow, especially in her craft, has been wonderful and inspiring. She is nothing short of captivating on the stage. My eyes rarely wander to anyone else when she is there. I love watching her! She’s a delight on and off stage. Spunky, whimsical, warm, kind, loving, thoughtful, engaging and lovable barely describe her.

Oh my goodness, when she’s playing a comedic role, think “Lucille Ball” type of hilarious. She uses her whole body, every inch, commanding your attention in the best possible way. She delivers!

During Covid, we all know NYC shut down! It grossly affected her income: a creative hobby turned to a small business, helping to support her life. She started with Pop-Up shows on Instagram and is now in a few boutiques in NYC. This fall, she launched an online business and is, now, doing Pop-up stores in NYC. You can still find her showcasing her latest creations on Instagram.

She has built a brand with her artistic, unique style; starting with earrings.



Earrings with personality!

In Kaitlin’s Words:

“My hope for everything I do is to inspire women to recognize their potential and

to own their narrative.”

“Be the main character of your life and take up space!”

Read the “About Page” on her website: It’s a great introduction to Kaitlin in her own words!

Kaitlin’s pieces have “Stage Character Assignments”… whimisical with a side of sassy! Molded and shaped in her hands: they spill out with personality all their own!

This is one of my favorites:


Their Character Assignment: “They’re the older sister character. They’re wise, warm and will set you straight when you need it most. The one who shows a lot of tough love but is actually a softy. You might think they do just fine on their own, but they need you just as much as you need them.

You know this character! One minute you’re crying in their arms and the next they’re getting on you about touching their stuff. Boundaries, baby!”

Some people are calling these the “boundary earrings” and I LOVE it! Inspired by saying no to opportunities that no longer serve you, these elegant yet classic statement earrings make setting boundaries GORGEOUS. Zoom in to see the texture on them- it was created by writing the word “no” over and over again. I love this deeply personal detail and like to think it was a reminder that I’ve got your back!”

  • Sterling Silver post
  • 14kt Gold filled cable chain

In our big ginormous anonymous world, it’s easy to spend money without personal involvement. How much better for our communities, friends, family, and selves if we invest in people and not just things. Having personal connections is community. We all need to have and sense “community” to thrive: personal connection is hard wired in us!

I hope you connect with small businesses. It’s a great place to invest your time and resources.

I hope you’ll hop over to CLAYFUL CHARACTERS and meet one of “my girls”, the creative, multi-faceted, brilliant, loveable Kaitlin!

There are some All-Star Characters … Playing Now!!

Just So Ya Know … These characters perform best under the Christmas tree adorned with a shiny box and bow bearing the name of your loved one on the tag!! Standing ovations and thunderous applause will erupt upon unwrapping!!

Feel free to give a shout out to your favorite small business in the comments!

Clayful Characters Fan,