Coming Your Way …

It’s Coming Sunday… Father’s Day.

Most of us celebrate our fathers or our children’s father.

Let me say, if your father has not been one you can celebrate, I am sorry. Deep, deep wounds form where love should prevail. The man with the title did not emulate the definition, only the biological part. These can be very painful and difficult days, when everyone around you is celebrating the good, and you are stuck with hurt, despair, questions and few answers. 

Let me  reiterate, it is not your fault! You did nothing to contribute to their lack. It is/was their problems. You can’t fix it. You didn’t cause it. You don’t deserve it! Everyone deserves a father who loves and cares for them. I pray someone in your life has filled the gap, although the pain and damage cannot be erased. If not, I hope you have found a way to contribute to your wellbeing.

Some years are genuine struggles to land on a suitable gift I’m excited to give. I did some brainstorming to help us along this week.

Here are a Few Ideas:

1. Books.

     My Dad is 91 and loves to read. I discovered a wonderful writer he has enjoyed immensely: David McCullough.

     He writes Non-Fiction. The first book my dad loved was about the Wright Brothers! Since, he has tackled almost every book he’s written. I think he has two left. Everything from The Building of the Panama Canal to his prize-winning book on Harry Truman. His books are well researched but written in an easy flowing, interesting storyline. I highly recommend them.

Dad’s even shared them with his 98-year-old friend. When he brings the book back, they enjoy discussing it: their own two member book club.

2. Digital Picture Frame.

     These are amazing. You can give the email address to whomever you wish and they can add pictures from any distance. New pictures pop up whenever sent, giving some real time action from your family’s life. This is especially fun for the grands and great grands. The grandparents have new photos all the time. They go into circulation with the other photos in the frame when sent, up to a certain amount, depending on the frame purchased.

3. Make a Favorite Food or Dessert.

This is a gift of time, forethought, and indulgence. A homemade treasure is gift enough, especially a favorite recipe. It always tastes better when someone else makes it. When it’s been a while since you had it… well… it’s a wonderful delight!

I’ve done this for my husband too. Not knowing what to purchase or short on funds, I’ve offered him a favorite dessert. He quickly responded and enjoyed every bite. (I don’t make many desserts😉) Food is his love language.

4. Time.

    Time is a GIFT!

     We can’t make more of it. To choose to share it is saying, I value and honor you.

     Set aside some time, even if it can’t be this weekend, to invest time in your relationship. Phone calls, FaceTime is great, but don’t forget that “in person”, physical presence, touch are gifts too valuable to purchase. They are simply irreplaceable.

5. Tickets to an Event/Movie.

     Every Dad has a favorite something. Capitalize on a local event or movie centered on his favs. Usually, they would not think to ask for these, but I’ve found them exceptional gifts. A little time away or with you. Either is a significant investment.

6. Lunch Gift Certificate.

    For out-of-town gifts, this one is a hit. On a busy work week, he can venture out for a pleasant lunch without his wallet involved. If your men are like mine, they value their nourishment! A card in the wallet is a simple choice and reminds of the giver sending love by providing for a daily necessity.

7. A Baseball Cap.

    I do not know a man who does not wear baseball caps! Make it a special one or just a favorite type. It seems most men have favorite styles/types. Snoop around and discover his, then surprise him with a fresh one. We all know they get nasty over time!

8. Favorite Team Tickets/Merch.

     The above Cap is an option. Tickets with you or friends would be a welcomed respite from daily duties/activities. Do some research, see what’s near you. If tickets are impossible, gift a piece of merch he’s been eyeing or would use. We are a “tee-shirt society”: they seem like sure winners.

I tease… when future generations excavate our society and render drawings of our lives… we will be in tee-shirts with random logos on them!! We have tee shirts for every event/school/team/camp/band/city, etc.

My kid’s tee shirt drawers were always a nightmare and needed purging most often. It’s no better as adults… tee shirts for everything seems modern day philosophy!

Why not add a favorite for him?

My motto: “one in, one out.”

9. A Day Off…

    … from family duties. I know this means more work for Mom, but that’s a time gift. Even an evening could work. Moms do the evening routine, giving him time for an interest; bike ride, walk, TV sports game, reading, video game, etc. Picture the 1950s, put your feet up, relax, read the newspaper, only in 2022 style😉

He has to raise his right hand and promise not to use the time for duties! Just to relax!

10. Fun Excursion.

Something on his “try” list… paddle boarding, kayaking, tubing, a new restaurant cuisine, surfing, renting scooters around a city, skiing lesson, tennis lesson, golf lesson, a unique museum, concert, hike a certain trail, etc.

It can be a single, couple or family excursion. “Everybody do what Dad wants to do” day. Or you can all watch Dad in his venture. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Maybe someone you know could provide the equipment, instruction, or babysitting. Don’t be afraid to ask. You could offer to return by assisting them in some way.

If you have a great idea for Dad’s, share it in the comments. Help us out!

If your Dad is no longer with you, finding a Dad to bless might be a wonderful tribute.

Enjoy celebrating the men in your life whose love and care helped shape and encourage you!

Love and gratitude to my Dad who gave sacrificially for his family and was careful to make them his priority. He exemplifies integrity, love, and faith! Thank you, Dad. Endless love…💋💋💋

Love My Dad,

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