Raging River

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The river is raging!

Higher and swifter than we’ve seen; logs, whole trees, massive things; bobbling like plastic floats. The strength moves everything in its path; no chance of resisting. Its roar silences passing vehicles. It overtakes shorelines and roads; spilling banks and consuming park buildings. Rains have come, collected in streams, and converged to present an impressive show. 

Beware, the show can turn dangerous, instantly. One wrong move, one step closer, one over-curious inching, one innocent gawking; sweeping anyone away in the torrent. The water has no regard. A river’s work is to flow to the sea, not to concern itself with the passerby, limits, or regulation. Freedom to flow as it chooses, is the essence of the river; inherent in its creation.




Turmoil, rage, and craziness of the waters, today, echos in me, the political/social climate in America; tumultuous, heavy laden, swift moving, and devastating. It can wash over and sweep us up in its enormous force. Despair will breed spreading hopelessness in our bones: like rafts bobbing in the waves flailing to catch breaths. Danger lurks, if we aren’t careful and safe-guard our spirits.

If you are a Christian, this world should not determine the status of your spirit,

Jesus does. 

And let the peace of Jesus, to which you were also called in one body, control your hearts. Be thankful. Colossians 3:15


We find peace, in the fact, that Jesus restored our relationship with God. Nothing is more important, to any soul. We are at peace with God through Christ; knowing this, should control our hearts. Our peace should not vacillate with circumstances, because, what Jesus did to restore our relationship, does not vacillate. Our heart should experience consistent steady peace, because of Jesus.

I am not referring to emotions. I mean at your core/center/heart, do you sense peace, calm? Emotions ebb and flow. We’d be inhuman if they never changed. Does peace exist in your spirit/soul; deep in your heart. 

In John 16:33, Jesus reminds us:

“I have told you these things so that, in Me, you may have peace. You will have suffering in this world. Be courageous! I have conquered the world.”

Ahhhhh, I am so glad Jesus paints a real picture of this world. He does not leave us with unrealistic blissful images of daisies, sunshine, and pillowy clouds. The accurate picture of life is … Jesus came to give peace with God … but this world still brings suffering. And, we need courage to face it.

This word for “courage” is not the kind you need when tasting raw oysters or posting a selfie with no make-up. It is “courage-in-the-face-of-danger”, spoken with emphasis, to push you into action, like a command.

Elaine’s Illustration:

Courage looks like: A 1,000 pound Mama grizzly standing on hind legs, roaring like thunder, protecting her baby cubs.


Where Do We Summon This Courage?

God has overcome the world! Jesus’ resurrection conquered death!

This world, we know, is fleeting. One day, the Bible says, God will reign here, again, as in the days of Eden. He will restore it, to its original form. Sin and evil will no longer plague it. God has already conquered; this world does not hold the answers for eternity. This is where “Mama Bear” courage is extracted!

Should We Engage in Politics and Social Issues?

Yes! Jesus told us to love our neighbors. He commanded us to care for orphans and widows. The evidence of His spirit, in us, is love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, kindness, etc. (Galatians 2:22-23)

Walk out where God leads you. This world is a suffering sad mess, everywhere we turn. Every day a new eruption or tragedy brought to light. Without question, this place needs peace and the Peace Bringer. God designed us to make a difference, not to passively watch days pass by.

Should It Defeat Us or Consume Our Peace?

No! Jesus gives us peace; peace with God. The world can not touch it, unless, we allow it. Be courageous! Don’t let suffering steal your peace. Don’t let the “current” drag your spirit down river. We may be prompted to get wet, wade in, or swim delivering hope. But, be smart enough to wear a life-vest of courage grounded in Jesus’ peace.

Take courage … My God has moved mountains, parted waters, descended in pillars of fire & clouds of smoke, healed sickness, raised the dead, and gave His son to redeem the world … He has overcome!!

Proceed in the courage of God with His peace resting on your soul.


Peace is a Person; Jesus,


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  1. Needed words this am
    For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. 2Tim 1:7
    Thanks for your Holy Spirit driven posts, I am enjoying them


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