November “Thing”

Before the Christmas festivities overwhelm our calendars and senses, (I may be late on this one.), I have a “November-thing” to attend to. 

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. 

Children have always held a special place of importance in my heart. Children make me engage, nurture and love. I’m not sure why. Perhaps, it’s their miniature stature, their innocence, their vulnerability, or their irresistible freshness. I feel a strong magnetic pull when there is a “little” around. I could take all of them home with me, most days. In my dreamy teen years, I imagined myself running an orphanage.

It breaks my heart that there are precious ones whose parents cannot provide for them, for any reason. Adoption is a complex and complicated issue. There is no easy situation or decision. In a perfect world, adoption would be unnecessary. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world, where adoption is a best choice or option. For all involved, it is a loving act.

Families come together many ways. The way it happens for your family, is perfect. It’s a privilege to graft each new member into hearts and lives. Shared life and love molds, shapes, blends and knits families together. Mere genetics cannot contain life and love: it is way beyond that.

Adoption gives first-parents a chance

to offer life and love,

couples a family,

families the gift of growth

and children a home. 

When I look at adoption, it reminds me of a baby boy who God handed over to a young Jewish teen Mom and her husband. They loved him, raised him, attended to his needs, taught him respect for God, etc. Thirty-three years later, God handed Him over to the Romans, as a gift of life for all of us … Eternal Life

We are adopted as sons and daughters of God through Jesus’ sacrifice. We are grafted into God’s family, as His own children, cause He made a way for it to happen. Actually, because He loved us and it gave Him pleasure! 


His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us

into his own family by bringing us to himself

through Jesus Christ.

And this gave him great pleasure.

Ephesians 5:1

I guarantee you every adoptive parent spent years wishing, hoping, praying to add to their family. During that process, love for the potential unknown child grows and grows. They would move heaven and earth to find their child, if humanly possible. Often, in the end, it seems divine help intervenes and completes the process. 

God sent him to buy freedom for us who were slaves

to the law, so He could adopt us as

His very own children.

Galatians 4:5

As we enter this Christmas season, remember, adoption is at the heart of this celebration. Our adoption, as children of God, began with a tiny baby boy!

Has your heart been captivated in realizing YOU are adopted?

You were in an orphanage of lost souls: God came and chose you,

as His own!!!

Adoption is dear to God’s heart….. and mine.

I could not be more thankful for the adoption stories that have been grafted into my heart and life! 

My arms are wide open to future ones,

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