“It’s Coming”… these words strike panic and pandemonium in the hearts of females, in December. 

I say “females”, because most I know, deliver Christmas, physically, to their family and friends. (I am not saying males don’t play a role.) In my world, I have been the hands and feet of Christmas appearing. I love the season! But, if I am not ahead and vigilant to a timeline, things do not “magically appear or happen”. So, it’s a busy month with lots of “to-do’s”; a definite drain on energy supply.  (Striving for a little less, wouldn’t hurt!)

“It’s  Coming”…. What is the “It” for you? 

How you view the season, will affect its outcome, especially, in your heart!

Many Christians celebrate the Christmas season as Advent season.

They focus on “It Coming”. 

In fact, the word “Advent” means Coming! 

The “It” is the fulfillment of God’s promise to send a Savior/Messiah to His people, Israel. The Old Testament of the Bible promises Israel that God would send a Messiah to reestablish their relationship with God. Introducing sin into the world, broke the God/human relationship. Because God is holy, he cannot exist in the presence of sin. After sin entered the world, man made all kinds of sacrifices in the temple, to bridge the gap between God and man: sin being the chasm lying between. 

This “Coming Messiah” meant no more sacrifices, relationship with God restored, and was the permanent solution to man’s sin problem. Israel longed for it, looked for it, prophesied about it, could not wait for “IT” to happen. Every generation thought, surely, it would be in their lifetime. Every pregnant woman wondered…. “Could it be I who carries the Messiah?”

This was not a quiet waiting in the seclusion of your own home. This was publicly prayed at every Jewish gathering with angst and passion. “Please God, send your promise!”, pleading. Every time they had to sacrifice an animal, the anguish of sin was clearly visible and felt. They were in a holding pattern of repetitive sacrifices, waiting for “The Coming”… Messiah was their Hope.

On this side of Bethlehem, in this season of Advent,

how are you “waiting” to celebrate the promise God sent?

Celebrating Jesus coming, could mean more to us, if we take part in the “waiting”, preparing our hearts.

Just as children, anticipate giving and receiving gifts; emotions building as the day gets closer and closer. Our hearts should build with expectation and praise as the day of “His Appearing” gets closer: the day we celebrate God’s promise reaching earth, in the form of a tiny babe.

Don’t let the Christmas season get stale, rote, or ordinary.

Practice “waiting” with anticipation…




There are a million ways to put this season and your heart in “a waiting position”.

Light a candle and read scripture, as some do during Advent. Download an Advent devotional and read daily. Set aside moments to ponder the promise and the fulfillment. Use an advent calendar with scripture verses. Listen to worshipful Christmas music, a “Waiting Tree” (add significant ornaments each day), paper chain with “Waiting” activities or thoughts, etc. 

December 25th will culminate your waiting,  delivering a promise fulfilled!

If you’ve spent time actively awaiting “It’s” arrival,

“His Coming” will be gloriously joyful and you’ll be full of celebration!

Don’t forget we, earth’s inhabitants since Jesus’ birth, wait for the fulfillment of another promise God made in the Bible; Jesus’ Second Coming. Our waiting should be an action verb, walking in faith and proclaiming the testimony of His first appearance in Bethlehem.

How do your prepare your heart for Christmas in the Advent season?

Are you actively anticipating Jesus, next coming?





A few “Waiting” resources to get you started:



Free Devotional



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