Come On In To The Celebration !!!

Happy 1st Birthday Blog Family!

Welcome to the Party❤️


52 weeks of meeting with you! It has been such a joy and privilege. A whole year on the books or “Blog”. You have been so supportive and encouraging. I appreciate every “subscribe”, share, comment, like, love and click. It spurs me on.

I, sincerely, want to show my appreciation to all of you!!



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I thought it would be fun to take the blog post that had the highest views

this year and put a twist on it …

The most viewed post this entire year,

posted on January 8th was …

da da da dahhhh…

the winner is … 

12 Days”!

Today, I’m going to share…

12 Everyday Favorites! 


1. Fav Devotional-

Streams in the Desert by Lettie Cowman, written in 1925.

I am astounded how this always speaks to me. This has been a favorite for years! I alternate it with other ones as well, but it wins my attention many days! My fav way to read it is on the App. I like the writing pad on the right side of the devo. Each day I can make a comment or write my thoughts about the day’s reading. Link this to your iCloud and all you write will be retrievable. Hint: Before I write a comment, I put the year, so that in subsequent years my comments will not be merged, looking like one long comment. (Find Here.)


2. Fav Coffee –


It’s just yummy. New England Coffee or Green Mountain are my favorite. And Amazon has a decaf version called Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble. It allows me to have a cup late in the day… Yes, Please! (Find Here.)


3. Fav Coffee Mug –


Happy Mother’s Day! This coffee cup keeps coffee hot for a long time. When writing in the morning, I like a HOT cup by my side. Living without a microwave (topic for another day), means no reheats. This gem keeps it warm for hours! If need be, I can set it on my electric mug warmer …. nice to sip a long time … one of my fav situations! (Here)



4. Fav Blog –

Leslie Leyland Fields

She doesn’t blog regularly but I love her writing voice, plus her photos, plus her topics, plus her location, plus her books, etc., etc. She lives in Alaska on Kodak Island. She brings tons of inspiration and adventure. When posts appear in my inbox, they are flagged to read! You can find her Here!


5. Fav Outdoor Spot –

Hammock Swing

I eyed this for years. Mother’s Day 2018, my children gifted it to me! Holy Wow … I love it. When the weather’s right, I’ve been known to read in it till after sundown! It is weightless suspension plus swing … so relaxing! If you have a tree, start dreaming!



6. Fav Accent Item –


Raising my right hand … I am a picture-aholic. I’ve always loved photos. When kids entered my home, it exploded! It is, by far, my favorite accent piece. They surround me (within limits) and I love it. My loved ones faces are worth more than pure gold. They tell me stories and whisper sentiments as I walk by. I answer and respond with my own. (Let’s not talk about how picture frames call out to me in retail places.)


Click Here for one of my favorite verses to put in your own picture frame!


7. Fav Breakfast –

2 Eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 1 piece of toast

Over medium, if you please. Farm fresh are best! Lean, well done and crispy. High fiber, toasted in the same pan I fry the egg! Perfection. This is my go to several times a week. And coffee, of course!


8. Fav Evening Treat –

Frozen Grapes

Red seedless frozen delight. They tickle my sweet tooth and assist in keeping the Ice Cream monster at bay. I’ve had a few in my hammock swing after an exercise walk. They cool off my insides. I run on the hot-side of life … these calm my temperature. They also satisfy my evening snack urges. It’s a win-win-win. Between us, a little panic hits me, when I run out.


9. Fav App –

Marco Polo

If you have family at long distances, you should plunge into this App. In the past six months, both of my boys and their families have moved ten hours away😢 This App has been awesome! It’s like a video chat, but everyone can watch at their convenience and respond when they have time! It’s a great tool for connection: Super when you don’t want to type a long text! You can also send to a group, so all can see and respond.


10. Fav Shape –


I can’t really define how this happens … having a favorite shape. For years, I was unaware. When I started noticing arabesque in multiple places, it began to dawn on me. I’m not a trend follower, normally … I jump off of bandwagons before getting on! But, I am attracted to this shape. (I’m not sure those are the right words … sounds weird.) Nonetheless, I do like it. During our cottage redo (my cottage is my house, we don’t have two residences), I incorporated it by choosing it as backsplash. (photo below) I don’t have it many places, overload is not my thing. But, when I see it, I love it all over again! FYI, I do have a few pieces of costume jewelry with “my” shape.😉


11. Favorite Accessory –


Oh, beloved tassels. On purses, pillows, curtains, clothing, keychains, jewelry, etc., love them! Again, I can’t quite explain the magnetic pull, but it’s there. I really have to edit myself on this one. They appeal to me everywhere. But, knowing myself, if I succumb to having them in multiples of places, they’ll clutter me; I won’t enjoy them as much. Restraint causes a perfectly placed tassel to spark a sigh.


12. Fav Yogurt Topping –

Homemade Granola

This recipe paired with my favorite yogurt has become a fav-fav. It’s easy and makes a bunch, stored in a sealed container, it lasts weeks. You can eat it as cereal, but I don’t. It perfectly sits atop my Greek yogurt giving the perfect blend of crunch and smoothness to my morning taste buds. I’ve given it as gifts; a great topping for ice cream or fruit too.

So, Today, I’m giving it to you…

a party favor for joining the celebration of my one year birthday!


Click Here for Granola Recipe!


Keep your eyes open for the upcoming Giveaways.

They will include a few of my favorites for your enjoyment!

Hugs and kisses to all of you for joining me in this venture. You are cherished and loved. Wish we could share some cake and riotous partying … maybe one day.

From the bottom of my heart, it is my delight to meet with you each week. I consider it a privilege to share where life takes me and what it is teaching me, especially what God shows me on my own unique, corky, and sometimes humorous journey. 

Thank you for being here and taking part!



Happy First… Cheers to Many More,


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