The Joy of “Firsts”


I’ve had so much fun celebrating the first year of this blog. Thanks for tuning in, joining the fun and celebrating with me! I have had a great time planning the party and spending this week handing out party favors and prizes.

I am enjoying the thought of progressing from one to two! There are so many “firsts” in the first years of life. I feel that way about the blog, too. So, much to learn and get proficient at. I’ve learned to crawl this year and beginning my way to walking upright with a few stumbles thrown in!

Entering my second year of Cyber-life will hold new “firsts” and excitements. Learning to walk, run, speak better and mature in ways you can’t know as a one-year-old, are among them! Lots of exciting possibilities and milestones ahead.


Another First 

Last week, I made the trip to Michigan to visit my son and his family. Yes… it’s a long car ride, but becomes a joy when your daughter plays chauffeur and accompanies the journey. This is the first time any “Grands” have moved away and my first visit post-move. 

The blog’s First Birthday and my first visit to MI to see my “Baby-Grand”, got me thinking about the Joy of “Firsts”.

The Zoo

Visiting the Detroit Zoo with a wide-eyed almost Three-Year-Old was a joyful “first”! He’d been to the zoo with parents,  but his young experience sees everything with fresh eyes. This was the first time he showed “Zee Zee and Aunt Liv” his favorite spots.

                 His Favorite:

The Penguin House complete with a ship (built around walking ramps between floors).

Looking through his eyes of wonder spilled joy all over me!

A “First” at the Zoo

A Train Ride…

He wasn’t sure what to expect, but he was up for the experience. Watching his expressions, hearty clapping, and enthusiasm reached out and pulled us all into an old experience made new. Any other day it would have just been a kids ride. We would have passed it by, gotten annoyed by the line, waiting and brevity of the ride. But, this day, we were “all in”, because “firsts” do that. They make things new again and fill us with excitement and possibility.

This “first” meant overcoming some hesitations, facing the unknown, and being willing. Have you tried to get a preschooler to do something they didn’t want to? My sweet Grandson had to trust his Momma, Auntie, and Zee Zee to step on that train, sit in his seat, venture beyond his known, to have a “first”! We cheered him on. He found out… He loved it… joy, giggles, and saucer-eyes. He even loved the unforeseen tunnel, after his shocked eyes adjusted! 

I’ve overcome some of the same obstacles when taking on this blogging venture. Willingness was the driving force… after sensing God’s direction. I’ve been through a dark tunnel here and there, but learning to navigate my way through has widened my experiences and yielded confidence.

I have had the privilege of having traveling companions to encourage my journey and walk alongside me. They are my “cheering squad”. I am extremely grateful for their support! Every “like”, “love”, share, comment and subscribe has propelled me to continue this “first”.

I want to encourage you…

Don’t let the fear of “firsts”, callings or experiences keep you from getting in line

and onto the train. The fun, joy, and personal growth the journey brings

is worth it, even though a few tunnels might crop up.

Don’t stay the same…

Keep growing! Press On!

Experience a “First” again!

A few “First” verses to Ponder: 1John 4:19, Phillippians 3:12, 3:14, Hebrews 6:1.


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