I. Am. Her.!

My trip to the zoo last month got me thinking.

I don’t believe in humans becoming animals or vice versa, reincarnation, etc.!! Yet, I have to admit I see similarities. Some animals do things that look very human like: walking on hind feet, eating, crying, swimming, etc. if you pay attention, you’ll see it! Just sit back and observe. Some of it becomes hilarious, some, a little scary!

I love the Mommas and babies! I hold them close to my heart. Those animal Mommas, and some Daddy’s too, just love on and care for their babies, so well. Protecting, feeding, snuggling, teaching, nurturing, even picking bugs off. It’s amazing to watch natural instincts in action, especially maternal ones.

On my recent excursion, I made a surprising discovery… I have a “spirit” animal!

I always thought this was a silly notion, but it snuck up on me! It’s kinda crazy, but fun too!  My grandson’s favorite exhibit at the zoo … the penguins. It occurred to me, as we watched these intriguing cocks, hens, and young, “I can relate.”

They love cold!! (About this time of year, I complain about heat… a lot!) They live in freezer conditions. I might not like it as much as I think, but it looks very appealing. I wish I had a clear photo of this… inside the penguin house were rocks, ice and pool. There was a spot, on the iceberg where ice was literally falling down from the ceiling. An adult penguin was standing with her flippers open wide and her head looking up at the ice, as it fell on her.

I. Am. Her.

I look up at the skies for relief. When I am heated-up-beyond, I would love to have a place to stand and have ice fall on me….. no kidding! That would be heavenly!

My daughter, pointing to the penguin beneath the “ice rain”…

Mom, if you were in there, you would be her!” … 

YEP! Can’t deny it!


We commented how I love black and white… talking 3/4 of my wardrobe. It’s generational on my side of the family. Come to a gathering… 3/4 of us will be in black! (Hehehe, it’s lovely, not sad or depressing to us!) I’m also a very good floater. Penguins are speeding torpedoes in water… me, not so much. But, I can float for days! And another characteristic that caught me eye… when they walk, they waddle! Just between us, I waddle a bit😉 (Shhhhh.)

I find it believable, while watching the animal kingdom, that the same God created us. He created us differently and separately, but I can see patterns of similarity. I love to imagine how he thought up all the different animals. How vast and endless His creativity! Making trunks for water, tails for swishing, cocoons for transforming, painted patterns for protection, arms for swinging, beaks for singing, furs for repelling, etc. The varieties are endless and awesome, form and function, pageantry and majesty, simple and complex, brilliant and muted; exquisite masterful creations.



God is Creator. The beginning point of all creating. We, as his created, showcase his creativity! Creativity is innate to us… we are created. (Isaiah 42:5)

Some days and weeks, you just need a little fun. Creativity can be that place. Life gets heavy and allowing yourself some fun, even for a minute, is a great gift to your soul.


Let’s Have Some Fun and Share

In what ways do you like to express creativity? (Everyone does😉)

I’ll go first.… I like to write, sing, decorate/create decor, imagine, color, needlepoint, etc.

Or… Share your “spirit animal” and tell us why?


Share Both for Ultimate Fun!!


In black and white,








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