Favorite Disney Princess … Go!

Once upon a time, a young girl was dreamy in love with Disney Princesses. Ariel was her first, others followed. One day, a young brown-haired French Princess, Belle, twirled into her world. She became the favorite of all princesses. They shared physical likeness, also a bond. 

Who knows how this occurs in childhood? It just does.


Dolls and movies, dress-up songs, books, all things “Beauty” reinforced and acted out her passion. We talked like candlesticks. Sang like teapots. Learned to love “chips”. Endeared ourselves to dancing dinnerware. Looked beyond the unlovely. Believe haunted castles may not be haunted. Disliked wolves and spitting, strapping raving huntsman. Accepted the treasure of a single rose.

It was the epic Christmas gift for this 12 year-old-fan-girl … seeing it come to life on Broadway…. perfectly magical! The music thrilling, actors enthralling; magic before our eyes, fueling the passion.


Fourteen years later, the animated found cinematic life …

2017 Beauty and the Beast, the Movie. 


A “twenty” and “fifty-something” planned and plotted, sharing “Beauty” again… highly anticipated. No disappointment… A perfect rendition! A mythical, magical story come to life. We held hands, sang along, cheered, and applauded. The dreams of a young girl splashed into full life dimensions. Fantasy and reality fused for 90 minutes: lived out before our eyes in real places, time and space. We sighed for hours, days, still do.

Amidst this award-winning production was a bit of unfamiliar. One such moment became unforgettable… woven in pieces through the storyline.

We’ve memorized and sung the old soundtrack for years. After the new movie arrived, we downloaded that soundtrack, as well. One particular song stuck in sweet and tender places in our hearts. 

On a recent road trip, while playing the soundtrack, the song, once again, re-surged our love.  (We have several soundtracks we play and sing crazy-like on the road.)

How Does a Moment Last Forever? 

Written by lyricist Tim Rice and composer Alan Menken, verses sung by Belle and her father, Maurice, in the movie and recorded, full length by Celine Dion.

The premise:

Hang on to precious moments, cherish them,

when we’re gone, our song lives on. 

I realize this is metaphorical and could have many interpretations, which was the writer’s intent. The listener can draft their own experience or beliefs into its meaning.

When beginning this blog, I started with a premise, then a tag line to explain to readers what it was about. (Click Here to read my About Page.)

My Tag Line…

Long Days… Short Years… Forever Moments

Forever Moments being times where God intersects with man on earth: times where you know, “that was a God-thing”… I didn’t design or orchestrate it and couldn’t have, if I tried! Those are the moments that are eternal. They impact life forever. My relationship with God is eternal. Those “forever moments” on earth translate into my eternity with God.


How Does a Moment Last Forever Lyrics, last stanza:

Minutes turn to hours, days to years then gone

But when all else has been forgotten

Still our song lives on

That’s how a moment lasts forever:

When our song lives on


For the first million times I heard this song, I thought the last line said,

When our SOUL lives on!” That IS how moments last forever!

Songs” can linger in hearts and minds and speak. Obviously, this one has!

But, eternity is beyond a song and involves a soul!

A dreamy young girl. A Disney Princess. Forever Moments!

Who could have guessed?




Listen Here.

Who is your Favorite Disney Princess? Comment below!


Tale As Old As Time,


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