For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand…”


This verse has been STUCK to my heart, lately.


Holding hands…

Young Girl

I remember as a young girl, sharing a double bed with my sister. When we were scared, we held hands. If a storm arose at night, or we were experiencing sadness or frightened, we would reach out and clasp our sister’s hand. No words were ever spoken. Never rejected. It was a silent symbol of comfort, love, and togetherness.

I can’t even explain how comforting and confirming this was. We were in it together and that brought so much solace. It, literally, helped us fall asleep when something in life was falling apart.



Remember the first time a boy held your hand? Oh goodness, that was a new experience. It brought a sense of preference… he chose me, I chose him. There was a shared happiness and companion quality to it.

The holding of hands was a significant symbolic step in a relationship. It spoke intentions and connections without uttering a word.



Remember the first time you peered at your tiny baby’s fingers and wrapped them in yours…. He’s mine! The simple gesture symbolic of a commitment and choice. Immeasurable love. Intense love. Nothing could stop you from being his or her defender and protector.

You’d never tire of holding that tiny hand … Forever won’t be long enough!


God’s Hand

The hand of God, and especially the right hand, is understood as a place of salvation, refuge, and protection. It is the favored position. It is a place close to His heart and shows power. He is defender, protector, and guide.

The highest place of honor is at a King’s right side.

According to Matthew Henry’s Commentary, Isaiah 41:10-20 was an encouragement to the people of Israel. Verse 13 is “a promise that God will strengthen their hands (i.e. will help them). He will take us by the hand as our guide, to lead us in our way, help us up when we fall or prevent our falls; when we are weak, he will hold us up–wavering, he will fix us, trembling, he will encourage us–and so hold us by the right hand.”

If you are facing a dark tunnel or insurmountable mountain,

as I have this week,

trust, rely, depend, and rehearse this verse to yourself!



He is by your side!

He will not desert or mislead you!

Hold tight to His hand!

He Is Holding Yours!

… Words can’t describe the comfort these few words have brought me…

He’s holding my hand and He will see me through and over!


Clinging on the Right,


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