A. Gazillion.


Totally Amazing…. Totally!

Have you experienced a place, where the sky lit up, 360 degrees, with gazillions and gazillions of stars?

I’m an East Coast girl and have seen stars. I thought I had seen lots of stars, till a trip out west proved me wrong. Never. In. My. Life. had I seen a sky filled with so so so many; small, big, in-between, teeny- tiny, layer upon layer, upon layer. Impressive! Gasps and Sighs, over and over. I couldn’t stop staring! Tragically disappointed with my camera… grossly inadequate! I wanted to preserve the moment, forever, but couldn’t capture it!

In addition to the glitter-filled sky, we heard animals howling, bleating, “mews” (elk), etc. I scouted for cameras, sure, we were in the middle of a National Geographic filming. Our senses lit on fire. It was overwhelming, absolutely stunning, over-the-top gorgeous, totally inspiring, breathtaking!



Look at the night skies: Who do you think made all this? Who marches this army of stars out each night, counts them off, calls each by name – so magnificent! so powerful! – and never overlooks a single one?

Isaiah 40:26

God the Creator and Commander of all stars… marches them in place, Every. Night.!


He COUNTS them!




Mind. Blown.

WHERE have I been? Living under a rock? I have not given God His due!!!

When I pondered these words about the stars, from God’s point of view, it cemented me in place. I am telling you … I stood there with goose bumps, speechless. Awestruck. Please, NO talking! I was experiencing an extraordinary moment. God’s vast amazing creation revealed itself in EPIC SPLENDOR: a Holy moment! (These adjectives are insufficient!) 

How could He count them, they seemed limitless?

How could He name all of them and remember their names? 

How could He never overlook one, ever? 

How did He create them to begin with?


Just how BIG IS HE? 

I have reduced His size, multiple-fold, cause this appears fathomless! I believe God is “all-the-omni’s”, omnipotent (all-powerful), omnipresent (always with us), omniscient (all-knowing), omni-benevolent (all-loving). But, seeing the sheer numbers of stars in the heavens, illuminated my perceptions.




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Is My God THIS BIG? 

Do I act like it?

My heart almost burst at the unending power of God displayed in the moonlit sky.

How many, many times have I reduced God to human-size, put Him in a box (about the size of the average Bible), limited Him by my imagination, and kept Him there;  constrained by my comfort and logic? 

It’s laughable! God, the one described in the previous paragraph, is NOT the God of the Bible. The God, Isaiah is describing, is gazillion times bigger! Not a casual 100 Star night! Not an impressive million star night! Not even an awestruck gazillion star night! He is the God of an infinite star night! 

He rolls them out, counts them, calls them by name, and doesn’t overlook even one! He is way beyond what our human minds can conceive. Not a bit beyond, infinitely beyond.


Don’t limit God. Let your faith be compared to who His Words say He is! Let His Words soak in and permeate your faith, growing it to God-sized proportions!

Try counting stars. If you can even remember which ones you’ve counted and which ones you haven’t, you’re doing better than me. After you count them, if you get that accomplished, try going out at dusk and commanding them to appear… how’d that work for you? Then consider naming them, and the next night, try to recall and identify all the ones you’ve named… getting the picture! I didn’t even ask you to create them!

Grow your image of God. Whatever it is….


I’ve seen God do miraculous life-changing things. I’ve learned, however big I think He is… He is a gazillion times bigger!! I confine Him, in my thoughts and actions, way too much and too often.

I need to watch the night-sky roll out, gaze upon the stars (picture a gazillion more, if you’re in a populated area), and think about the God this verse talks about. HE is your God, not the one who fits on pages or in your brain.

  “He is so magnificent, so powerful, yet, never overlooks a single one!”

If He cares for the stars, surely you know … He cares for you, so much more!


Heart Exploding,


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