Inspiring Fall

Creativity is an outlet for me all the time. Fall sparks the flame just by showing up on the calendar.

Once upon a time, back when I had preschoolers and grade schoolers, a few friends and I spent months creating and then held a Christmas sale. Some of my children now tell me the smell of hot glue striggers Christmas for them! I suppose all those hours I worked, after they were in bed, wafted essences of hot glue up to their rooms and implanted in their long-term memories. 

In those years, my creative outlet of choice was decor items. Decor is still a creative outlet for me. Pinterest was not yet available, so I’d scour a few magazines, adapt, ponder, manipulate materials and create. Sometimes, I liked the outcome, sometimes, not so much. I had plenty of “Pinterest Fails” before it was a thing. (I’ve had plenty since too! I’m convinced they leave steps out on purpose!)

Today, I’d like to share one of my recent Fall decor projects.

I’ve always liked the colors black and white. (Check my closet for confirmation.) A few years back in the fall, we traveled west. I did not understand, their Fall consists of one color… Golden Yellow! It was new and beautiful. I prefer the North East Fall, but the birch trees with black and white bark and glistening golden yellow leaves were stunning! Unforgettable.



The next year, I stumbled across leaves being cut out of birch bark!

Could there be a better Fall decoration?

It suited me perfectly! I determined to do it and create!


I grabbed some leaf patterns off the internet, ordered the bark from Amazon and let my creativity unfold. 

Warning: It takes a bit of muscle to cut these out. I ended up using kitchen shears and some small garden snipers. Sore fingers, no matter, I was all in!

After cutting the leaves, I used them in decor several ways: a door arrangement, wreath, in a table arrangement, and just laying on the mantel.





I love this quote:

Creativity is not a mood.

Creativity is not a gift.

It’s the very nature of God inside of you.

Dan McCollum

We were “created” by God. He is the Ultimate Creator. Looking around at our world, His creativity appears endless and incredible and uncontainable. 

Genesis 1:27 says:

So God created mankind in his own image,

in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.


God’s image is reflected in us. He designed, formed, and birthed us in creativity. It makes sense to me … we are creative people.

I know, I know some of you claim to have no creativity. I can’t draw a straight line either! Creativity is not synonymous with Art. You can be creative in any area of life. Creativity is highly individual and unique. How you approach things, problem solve, budget, etc. all show unique ways of showing creativity.

Birch Tree Bark, God’s creation, sparked my Fall creativity. It brought His amazing creation inside my house. It keeps reminding me of Him in all of the Western glistening splendor He sends in Fall.


I’d love it, if you’d share a pic of your favorite Fall decor in the comments!

It doesn’t have to be hand made. If it speaks to you, we’d love to see it!


Falling into Creativity,


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  1. Simply beautiful… maybe if I decide to give in and admit Fall is coming, I will take the Summer wreath off of the door! 😉 Thank you, for always sharing your heart and being so “real!”

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