It is today for which we are responsible.

God still owns tomorrow.

Elizabeth Elliott


This arrow-quote launched straight at my heart! 

“Living-in-the-moment”……. a buzz-phrase flying around everywhere, sounds so right, so life-giving, so two thousand nineteen. It’s a reminder to be present where you are, right now. Life can so quickly disappear. All of our moments collect into hours, days, years… a lifetime.

Being “responsible for today”, is the task of every morning. I desire to live the moments ahead of me to the fullest, for the purposes He designed them. I don’t want to flounder, misuse, or not take full advantage of the time I’ve been gifted. When the sun rises and my eyes squint, a new day begins.


 Have I mentioned I have the coziest pillow EVER? 

It took me years to find it … years ago. I have no idea how to replace it. For now, it greets me each night with a comfy hug and a long sigh. It’s hard parting every morning. When streams of light flow through blinds, my eyes flutter. It’s time to detach and move into the “new today” which was “tomorrow”, yesterday.




I’ve heard lots of sayings about tomorrow, but this one by Elizabeth Elliott struck the bullseye and pierced deep.

God Still Owns Tomorrow!” 

God doesn’t just hold it, know about it, see it or guarantee it. 


Tomorrow Is God’s Possession. 

I’ve pictured Him holding it liked cupped hands around a globe. But ownership, brings new insight. It is His! He doesn’t have to share. He can keep it because He owns it. No one else’s name is on the title. He creates it. He can gift it to whoever He wishes. He sees it long before we have ever thought about it. He decides the who, when, where and how of it. He is in total control.

I imagine God has storehouses of tomorrows. The days that will play out in earthly time. I picture warehouses filled to the brim with unopened presents. 

Tomorrows become “the present” when the clock strikes midnight. I imagine God, as an orchestra conductor, lifting His arms, dropping the down beat starting the symphony of a new dawn. He conducts the opening of the bows with each shred of light that forces its way through darkness. When the paper of night is unwrapped, and the lids pulled open, sunlight is cast into the sky and “tomorrow” becomes “today” for all God welcomes to it.

He presents it… He has dominion and singular “say so” in where it goes and who experiences it.

Soooooo…. Planning, projecting, concern, wondering, attempting to manipulate, worrying, etc. truly becomes useless. We don’t own it, we may be asked to be part of it!!

God still owns it and the new “today”  awakes us into responsibility.

I don’t need to just acknowledge God holds it. 

I need to live in the fact that God OWNS it!! 

Everything about it! It’s power, grandeur, heartbreak, uniqueness, potential, freshness, brokenness, etc. I do NOT own it!

Even after my eyelids separate and sunlight streams into the room, God Still Owns it. I am just invited into it with responsibility for the little corner He gifted me.  I take part in it at God’s choosing. I can rest assured, it is still HIS! He does not sign over ownership.

I need not control it, fret about it, maneuver it, outwit it, protect it, figure it out, take it over or conquer it! He’s the owner. I have a few tasks of responsibility today He has entrusted me with.

This has been a freeing, empowering thought resting in my heart!



Thank Goodness … Doing Today,


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  1. A solid reminder that today is just as valuable as yesterday, and that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Let’s make every today count for His glory ❤️

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