Fall Favorite … GO


The temperatures broke last week and ushered in those Fall feelings. What a refreshing sensation!

After record breaking heat this summer, we, finally, plunged into the 50s and one morning in the 40s. Shock. Disbelief. Recheck the Weather App. The heat wears on and on here in Virginia and Fall feels like a mirage; Moving farther and farther into the calendar year. The bliss of a few low humidity days … makes the world seem right again!

Chill in the air sends my heart soaring. (Humidity weighs me down like an anchor.) I throw open the windows, revel in the cool breeze, and contemplate my favorite Fall things. Which should I enjoy first? There are so many!

What’s your favorite FALL Thing?

Many things compete for first place, but if I had to pick just one

Wearing Sweaters

would win!


Throwing on an extra layer feels like Fall.

Not just any sweater, but a cozy sweater. The kind that never feels wrong and always feels right. The one that cuddles my skin and evokes a long awaited three-season-sigh… Ahhhhh… it’s perfect; like a big ole hug from a long-lost friend. Seriously, it’s “therapy” my sun-scorched body craves.

I know it sounds crazy, but clothing certainly can bring an emotional response. Whether it’s the fabric, fit, cut, or style. Some things, I loathe wearing (pantyhose for one). Some garments, I tolerate wearing, Some I enjoy wearing. Others, I love wearing. Sweaters definitely reside in the latter category! 

When my sweaters get pilly or out of shape, I find it hard to part. They served me so well, hugged me so long and I know, replacing them will be a challenge. Great sweaters aren’t everywhere. The fit, form, function are all individual. Picking one that suits my body particulars takes hunting. Finding the perfect one is striking gold! Ka-ching! Ka-ching! We have a winner in aisle five!!!


I’m looking forward to the Fall clothing swap between my closet and storage bins.  Getting out my seasonal sweaters, almost makes me giddy. I lay them out on my bed in all their glory. I’ve been waiting for the days we’ll spend together again, locked arm in arm. We’ve got history. We’ve shared miles. Some I haven’t thought about in six months. It’s like opening presents you picked out and forgot about. (This happens more frequently lately.)


A close second to Sweaters is … a Comfy Throw Blanket. 

To me, Throw Blankets are sweaters for your whole body😉

When I’m home, in the Fall and Winter, they’re lap partners. Sitting… they are with me. My house is cooler than most, so throws are welcomed. (Some would argue they’re necessities!) Wearing a throw blanket is a blessed privilege. It comforts, relaxes and cares for me, just like my sweaters. I do all I can to spend some daily time soaking up their luxury! 

Warning: Comfy is a relative term. Not all sweaters or blankets are as comfy as advertised! Administer a touch-test to determine the level of comfort! Purchase at your own risk, if you don’t touch prior to plunking money down. I am an avid touch-tester!

I can vouch for the comfort of this Throw! If you’re in the market for a new throw, this one passed my test!


Even though our bodies crave comfort…

Our souls long for it even more.


In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.

Psalms 94:19

For all the external comforts that soothe me,

it’s God who comforts my soul!

I hope you know what comforts you and your soul.

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Perhaps, I love Fall because it holds all the comfy cozy things: Big sweaters, blankets, hot drinks, fire pits, fluffy slippers, oversized robes, heated blankets, s’mores, boots, pumpkin spice, flannel, crisp apples, chilly air, warm scarves, logs in the fireplace, etc.

Break out the sweaters …. Fall is making an entrance!! 

High-five! Hallelujah hands!!


PS …Yuck! The temps are rising again this week! Hold on … thoughts of sweaters are the hope of what’s coming!


#1 Sweater Fan,


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  1. I was so happy when the humidity broke and the first cool day snuck in. The Virginia temperatures are like a roller coaster trying to transition between seasons. I love my big cozy sweater and throw blanket and my warm fuzzy socks this time of year!

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