Sawyer … Joyful Mourning


August 7th, 2019

Sawyer George Stone

was born in a Michigan Hospital room,

already in the arms of Jesus:

his birth-day and eternity-day.

There were so many facets of joy and mourning wrapped around

Sawyer’s life and death.

My son, Jesse and his wife, Brooke’s pregnancy was a miracle after many years of infertility. They had surmised God wanted to grow their family other ways. They along with the rest of their families were stunned, shocked and amazed when pregnancy was confirmed. God had done a miracle and we were witnesses!! We had many Hallelujah moments!

As the months passed, sorrow and grief joined the miracle, as well.

Sawyer George Stone


This past week, my daughter-in- love, Brooke was featured on The Joyful Mourning podcast hosted by Ashlee Proffitt: A podcast for women who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. It has conversations with real women as they share candidly about their own experience with loss and what it looked like for them to navigate grief.

She can tell the story far better than I! 

If you or anyone you know has walked this journey, you should listen. As Brooke said at Sawyer’s Celebration of Life Service, “ This is a club I never wanted to join!” As a Grand-mom, Zee Zee, … this a club I never wanted to join, either. It was always my greatest fear as a Mom, to lose a child. I watched friends and family experience it. I am not at all sure I supported them well, but I definitely grieved for and with them. I wish I had been a bit more prepared and had listened to Brooke’s words prior to those experiences.

The Joyful Mourning Podcast is for those who have experienced the loss of a baby and are searching for hope and joy and just another Mama who understands what you are going through.”

Also, if you’re a friend or family member of someone who has experienced the loss of a baby and are looking for ways to intentionally care for and love the one grieving, then this podcast is for you.”

“Listen in as Ashlee spends some time with Brooke whose son Sawyer, was diagnosed with Trisomy 13. Brooke shares helpful and practical thoughts about Trisomy 13 and her experience of carrying a baby to term that had a life-limiting diagnosis. 


She shares invaluable wisdom about the decisions that need to be made, how to ensure the best possible medical care, what she did to prepare for her son’s birth, what she packed in her hospital bag and even the sweet and memorable ways she celebrated him after he was born.  

We talk about hard and valuable things like the value of communicating expectations to those who are walking along side you and listen to the end to hear her priceless and incredibly helpful advice for marriage in the midst of loss and grief.

Brooke is tender and kind and communicates seemingly impossible hope in our time together; to hear a mom who has walked through such loss say “God showed me His goodness and His mercy through my son’s life. I was able to enjoy things I never thought I would be able to enjoy.” is just a massive grace to those of us listening and I am so grateful. 

No matter what brought you here today, I pray that you hear the hope and the grace in Brooke’s story. That you are reminded that even amidst brokenness there is joy to be had.” [excerpt form Joyful Mourning Podcast, ]


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Even among brokenness there is joy to be had.”


Sawyer’s “ZeeZee”,


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