Loss, Awareness, & Support

As most of you know from my Post last week, our grandson, Sawyer, was still born eight weeks ago. His brief eight-month life was lived safe, secure, and loved in his Momma’s womb.

I may, at a later date, share more details from my “Zee Zee” perspective: I am still processing, digesting, and grieving. I will say this for anyone facing the same or similar situation, NOW: when I posted this post, HOLD ON, I was in the moments and days surrounding Sawyer’s birth. The thoughts it contains got me through those intense heartbreaking days!! Maybe, it could help you.

This past week, I learned …


As you might suppose, this hits heavy on my radar! Not just because of Sawyer, but because our family has experienced pregnancy loss several times before. Plus, I’ve had many friends and other family members who have lost young babes who were dreamed to be pattering footsteps in their homes, but never were.

Isn’t it always difficult to know what to do,

when your loved one’s experience this grief and loss? 

We are so adept at celebrating living babies, but lost babies seem to manifest hushed silence. We are dumbstruck. Not sure how or what to say or do. It’s so uncomfortable. Anything and everything we think may help, seems inadequate. Nothing is meaningful enough. It’s a parent’s worst fear. So, we freeze and collect good intentions.

I suggest, we focus on offering support and not try to relieve grief or minimize loss, which is impossible to do anyway and paralyzes most of us.

I’d like to recommend a tangible way to support your friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker as they navigate Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month:

  • Attend a remembrance walk. 

           Walk with your friend or walk in the memory of their child gone too soon.

  • Donate to an organization. 

           You can even make your donation in memory of a baby who has died. 

  • Share an article about pregnancy and infant loss. Or share a post on Social Media (like this one) in remembrance/honor of the women, couple or infant.
  • Check in with your friend or loved one. Ask if they are doing anything to participate in this month. Let them know you remember their baby.
  • Invite them to do something. They may not feel up to it, but it will mean the world that you asked.
  • On October 15th, you can participate in The Wave of Light. Light a candle at 7:00pm and let it burn for an hour. Your candle will join others across the globe to create a continuous wave of light in memory of our children.

      ****** See Below and Join Me!

  • Perform a Random Act of Kindness in their name or their child’s name.
  • Do something kind for THEM. A cup of coffee. A little note. A piece of chocolate. Just a little something to let them know they are loved. FYI … a card or loving gesture is never too late.

     (Adapted from https://community.today.com/parentingteam/post/october-is-pregnancy-and-infant-loss-awareness-month-heres-how-to-support-those-who-have-lost)

****** I’d never heard of “The Wave of Light” until last week. All around the globe at 7pm on Oct. 15th, people will light candles outside for people to see in memory of their infant! You can put their name or initial on the candle, wrap it in blue or pink tissue paper, leave it white if you don’t know the gender, or use their Momma’s name. As lights are lite in different time zones, it will create a “wave of light” around the world!

Join me on Oct. 15th. I will be putting candles on

my front porch from 7-8pm.


I will be lighting candles for


My other lost “Little Ones”


“Unnamed Babes” of family and friends.


For further impact, take pictures and share them on Social Media to

remember the dear ones whose lives we miss and grieve.

I’d love to see your pictures!

A tiny candle can light up a dark night!


Lighting the World with Precious Babes,





2 thoughts on “Loss, Awareness, & Support

  1. The loss of a baby at birth is a pain that will forever live in your heart… it’s been 48 years for us and I remember the pain as if it were yesterday! 💖 the biggest mistake many people make is not taking about the baby or putting it aside like it never happened. Grieving parents need to share that pain and acknowledge the loss… 💔💔💔

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    1. Thank you Betty for sharing your heart!! I am so sorry for the loss of your cherished babe. I have heard it said, “Losing children is not something you heal from. It is something you learn how to live with.” I imagine no one ever speaking about the loss is unbearable and further deepens the wound. Grief is a life long journey! 😘😘😘


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