In September, I wrote about Change.  


It showed up at our house, AGAIN!

It started just days after that post went public. Little did I know then what my life would look like now. I am telling you, You. Just. Don’t. Know. … Seriously!!



I have thought this and said it for a long time,

if you think you have God figured out,

then we don’t know the same God!

My God, the one in the Bible, Jehovah, is not predictable in human terms. Yes, his characteristics are unchangeable, but where He leads and guides each of us is not written in a tourist manual or sketched on a map for us to follow.  He gives us one step at a time andHoly WOW”, we just have no idea where the next step might land us.

There have been seasons of life where God seemed predictable: “I knew what I was to do and my calling seemed clear.” But, always, there has been a “shaking up” I didn’t see coming. Twists, turns, new seasons pop-up at a moment’s notice, surprising the core of me. 

Chapters end … new ones open in the blink of an eye. 


I have to say, some chapters are longer than others. And, I have to admit those long ones can lull me to sleep. I am aroused and waken at moments, but my comfort easily becomes complacency, and God can seem predictable. It may take a lot of disturbance to move forward and remind me, God does not act within human constraints. He thinks above, beyond and acts perfectly in His love. Therefore, the journey through life will travel places I can NOT see coming.

Thank God this is so!!! What a dull arduous task life would be if sameness was its guide! I think I’d shrivel up and die under the drudgery of everything remaining the same! Sometimes, a little less drama is appealing (wink), it’s not always easy, but if God’s purposes for me are not accomplished, what’s the point.

I love an adventure, especially the God-Kind!

I aim for my spirit to stay fresh and moldable enough to say this till my dying breath.

Although, my mind is shocked and questions: “God are you sure??” At the same time I’m asking, I picture His head nodding, “Yes”, with a sparkle in His eye. “Surprise!” Winking at me with love on his face, “I know you didn’t see that one coming!” “I’ve got you!” That’s the reassurance I need to take the next step.

What more could I ask for? … The God of the universe who created me, loved me enough to sacrifice His son, is with me, beside me, in front of me, behind me, above me, below me, and carries me.

My Newest Chapter: 

We, now, have two beloved teenagers living with us!

Surprise … None of us saw it coming!

Through very unforeseen circumstances, we, now, share daily life together. 

After 10+ years, I have teens under the roof … A new adventure for sure! A travel back in time, but in the present! We get teens again, they get old people …. we’re the winners. (Haha)

Any budget friendly one-pot recipes are welcomed!! My kitchen is open and back in business! (At a much grander scale.) To be honest it’s not my favorite room. “Easy, inexpensive, and as few pots as possible” is my mantra. As my husband says, “She’ll cook for the kids” … he’s enjoying this! I definitely cook differently than when it was just two of us.

Be Certain Dear Friends:

You never know when life will close and open chapters!

Don’t be lulled by long ones and don’t fear new ones!

He’s got you!!

Even when you don’t feel Him …

that’s the exact time to “Practice Faith”!


If you’ve just turned the page and a new chapter opened, share it with us in the comments. Maybe, we can assist you in this new beginning, in some way!


New Chapter … Anybody know what chapter I’m on?,


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10 thoughts on “SURPRISE!

  1. Praising God 🤗 and lifting up prayers! 🙏🙏 I LOVE TO COOK! Will send some one pot easy, yet delicious, winter Yummies to warm the bones! 😍

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  2. Congratulations!!!
    I love one pot chicken chili. Tweet to personal taste. About 3 chicken breaks cubed, brown in a little oil in large pot. Add 3 ex large cans of white beans. And a half pack of McCormicks white bean chili spice mix. Garnish options: sour cream, cilantro, and chopped onions.

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  3. Completely understand that we human’s are resistant to change and that change is necessary. It happens when we least expect it too. You all have so much love to give and your two beloved teenagers are most fortunate. You need each other and He loves you.

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  4. Yay! Elaine congratulations! You and Jim will again bless this next generation with young people who will know God, love His teachings, and be a light to the world! I cannot think of anyone I would trust teenagers with more than you and Jim. God bless your journey! If you ever get board, (wink,wink), please consider our standing-open door invitation for the first Friday of each month for game night-potluck, 5:30-9:30pm

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