Presenting … Once Again …


Tis the Season for Hallmark Christmas Movies!

What is it about them that draws so many of us?

I have to say upfront, they won’t be debuting on my screen this year nor did they last. It was time to stop paying cable and I don’t wish to pay for the Hallmark App either. No fear, there are alternative Christmas Movies.

I have to say though, if I could watch them, I would.

What is it that draws us to them and keeps us fans year after year?

I can only speak for myself … I love happy endings! Sugary sappy cliche … I know! Don’t care! Know the ending before the movie even starts … doesn’t matter.

I’ve never liked scary, sci-fi, or action movies … too much trauma and drama. (Too real life) Life is difficult enough.

If I am going to watch a movie, I want to laugh, be warmed, see unrealistic scenes and everyone end up happy! A few twists and turns are a given, but they are quickly and satisfactorily resolved for the fictional characters within a reasonable time frame … about 90 minutes! That’s a good movie to me. Sigh!

I get lots of eye rolling from family and friends, because the set-ups are so beyond normal life. The fictional state I am drawn into could never exist on this earth, although, they all appear so normal. (Haha, the fictional normal none of us live in.)

Isn’t that the point? I am entertained by the perfect possibilities of what perfectness may look like?

If my real life was a movie, I’d get caught up in the same things that catch me up. I don’t go to the movies for that. The purpose is entertainment. Dancing and Singing in the rain like Gene Kelly.  Breaking out in song like Julie Andrews. Laughing at the impossible like Will Ferrell being raised by Elves in the North Pole. Falling in Love at Christmas like Hallmark.

I live in reality … give me some heartwarming fantasy for entertainment.

Is there a better use of time? Possibly. Balance is always key. Part of coping with life’s difficulties is finding a place of rest and rejuvenation. Perhaps, Hallmark plays a small part in that for some of us.

Occasionally, the escape of a movie can allow my spirit/soul to lay aside its cares for a few minutes and enter another world. Nothing that happens on that screen is my responsibility or concern. I am a third party only watching. I am not needed or necessary. There is some release in that for me. A huge bonus is glimpsing a beautifully constructed eye-appealing-visual manufactured to appeal to my senses, and they do!


I have to admit Christmas movies seem to visually captivate me most! The lights, trees, towns strewn with decorated lampposts and shop windows, banners, Carolers, snow, always snow … all with a backdrop of Christmas music. I’m hypnotized, mesmerized.

So, why do I/we have this fascination that has prompted very large successful industries to thrive?

I ask myself the same question … I have a guess…

God created humans in perfection. He meant this world to be a perfect place for us to dwell. No sadness, brokenness, evil, or imperfection, not one! No decay, dying, or difficulties. The Bible says one day this world will be righted and restored; God making a new heaven and earth. (Rev. 21)  Until then, we live in imperfection, difficulty and brokenness. Maybe, just maybe, our hearts long for the place we’ve never seen, perfection.

In Ecclesiastes 3:11, Solomon writes:

… He has also set eternity in the human heart;

yet, no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. (NIV)


Set eternity in our hearts” has several meanings. But, it gives reference to our souls knowing there is something beyond this life, the eternal. God put it there to draw us towards Him. To cue us … there is more … it’s not all futile and this brokenness will not last forever!



Maybe, the “perfectness” of something as silly and trivial as a Hallmark movie reminds my busy, broken, bombarded heart that there is more. A place where everything turns out all right. Where every ending is happy! Where joy and perfection exist! A few minutes of sappy hope … however contrived and scripted it may be!

Maybe, that’s what warms our hearts and draws us to sit down and

consider how one day it all will be so …

Complete Perfection!


Cue the Christmas Lights and Snowflakes!!!

Are you a Hallmark and/or Christmas movie fan?


Maybe, I think too much,

Sappy and Happy, anyway,


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5 thoughts on “Presenting … Once Again …

  1. We cut the cord to cable years ago and recently got Philo which is so much cheaper. You get some of the basic cable channels and Hallmark is one of them. 😀 So still get to watch all the Christmas movies. Lifetime is also playing them! And they’ve both been playing them for almost a month! 💕

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  2. Hi Elaine! Glad to know there’s another person out there like me! I don’t like the “drama and trauma” movies either! I choose to watch the warm, light hearted movies for the same reason – don’t want to watch real life for entertainment when I live in real life 24/7. Yes, our hearts do yearn for the world not wrecked by sin, illness, death. So thankful for the inheritance we have through Jesus Christ! We will live happily ever after!

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  3. I don’t think I have watched a Hallmark movie, but I agree with you there is nothing better than a great story with happy endings for all. It is a chance to escape after all.

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