On The Eve … Take 2

A milestone drops tomorrow… a New Year and Decade!


I’m not one for resolutions or year-long “words”. Read about it Here. How could I possibly know what is ahead and choose something appropriate? It baffles me … I choose not to participate.

Yet, it is a new beginning. Things change as we cross the year mark. It’s hard to deny, but not always clear. Some things don’t occur to us till much later in the year.

One very noticeable change for me: as a new calendar begins … a few days later, my numerical number changes! Yikes! The New Year reminds me I am aging, but also that I’m still alive, kicking, and progressing.

One piece of advice, I’d like to impart as this year opens:

Standing on this day, you do not know what this year will hold. 

There will be joys mingled with sorrows, disappointments splattered with accomplishments, unknown ups and downs. 

Have confidence that you are never alone and there is a much grander scheme playing out than you can see or know. Our lives are a small fragment of a giant-sized world, universe, galaxy, eternity.

God is the architect and orchestrator. 

No matter the brokenness of the world that enters your journey, He will ultimately right the wrong, win the battle and love you intensely through any and every life situation.

You are His Beloved … Never Forget! 

A New Year Prayer:

Precious Father,

At this new beginning, we are humbled by Your presence and design for this coming year.

Some of us hold fear and anxiety, some anticipate joy, some hopeful, some discouraged, some excited, others melancholy, some slug forward weary and worn.

Yet, God, whichever we are, You know, understand, sympathize, and love us just the same. There’s no one who understands us better than You. No One we can count on; more reliable than You.

Thank You for walking with us, carrying us, cheering us, and weeping with us. You are LOVE, the greatest love we will ever know. Thank You amid life’s cruelest and joyful times You stand with us and promise to, forever.

Your presence, love and care are humbling: flattening really, right down to the floor, face down and overwhelmed.

Take this New Year … shape us to love You more, rely on You more, trust You more. 

I can traverse the deepest valleys in Your arms. I can celebrate the most exhilarating mountain tops by Your side. You make all the hard and happy places better … Holy … by Your presence.

Mark our days with Your desires; not our own. Keep us from distractions and side tracks. 

Burn a fire in us to love as You love. Consume us with knowing You better and walking every step as Jesus did; serving mankind … Your creations.

May Your love, compassion, kindness, mercy and grace flow through us like waterfalls.

Thank You for the privilege of life, breath, days, months and years. We surrender them to Your hands!!

In Jesus name, Amen.

Happy New Year … Let’s Go,


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