On the Eve …

Every year, as the day hastens closer, my mind and heart wander across the seas to a distant land in the middle of the East! I picture shepherd’s fields, sheep, stars, travelers, a town, angels, a man, a pregnant wife, a cave, animals, manger and a baby.

I can’t help but picture the 20th – 21st century version of Bethlehem … it’s all I’ve seen … it’s imbedded in my memory file. As current as it looks, somehow, I am able to vividly imagine it’s BC time. My memory amalgamates present day with pictures and imaginations of old. My soul somehow feels the words deep; authentic, real.

If you’ve never been or have been, here is a present reminder of the real settings where the greatest event of any lifetime occurred…

Shepherd’s Fields Outside Bethlehem

Imagine shepherds and sheep dotting the hillside!



A Cave in Bethlehem much like the “stable”where Jesus was born …

stinky and unclean filled with animals, likely sheep meant for tabernacle sacrifices.


A Starlit Sky Over Bethlehem (A recreation by Astrologists.)

Picture it filled with Heavenly Beings Singing and pronouncing Christ’s birth. Our wildest imaginations are insufficient, I am certain.


Manger Square in Bethlehem


Church of the Nativity in Manger Square …

The believed cave where Mary gave birth to Jesus is under the church. Centuries ago, churches were built over holy sites for their preservation. You, actually, go into the church to descend down to the stone cave, the Grotto, where Jesus was born.


The “Holy Place” where Jesus was born.

Historically believed to be the spot in the cave, marked by the gold star.


The Holy Family



Let these images flood over your soul like rain to parched earth.

Let a stone cold cave consume your heart, as you imagine God coming to earth, in such surroundings.

Let a newborn’s cry penetrate all the layers of your life: Renewing, Redeeming.

Let this moment in history tumble down the pathway to your soul bringing Hope, Love, and Joy!!


Picture the Places!

Rejoice and Celebrate!!

The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us…





Thank you to all Giveaway participants!!

It made me merry to dream up and create a gift for you!


Kathy Lundberg!

(I will Pm you for delivery.)

Celebrating with JOY,


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