“I’m A Dad!”

Lessons from a Three-Year-Old

At three-years-old … they want to be just like Daddy (if they have one). 

My grandson sneaks into his Dad’s office. He repeats his dad’s phrases. Picking up Dad’s phone, “Hello, this is ________!” He wants to answer the phone, punch computer keys, play with papers, desk objects, etc.

He’s had some warnings: “Son, you can not touch Daddy’s desk. When you grow up and become a daddy, then you’ll be old enough to go to work and use what Daddy uses.”

Dad’s also a drummer. My grandson, “D“, has had some warnings about playing with Daddy’s kit. He gets to drum and loves to drum, but there are limitations. He knows some things only “daddy” touches.

An occasion came along where “D” could purchase a new toy. He chose a stuffed dog. He loves his stuffed animals! They get more hugs and kisses than the rest of the family combined. He. Loves. Them. Well! This doggie was special; his new sidekick. He made a loud proclamation, repeating it over and over….

“This. is. my. son! I. am. his. Daddy!”

“D” teaching his “Son” to Roller Skate.

He expressed how his Mommy was doggie’s Mommy, and his Dad was doggie’s Grandad. I was his Zee Zee”. (so thankful) He’s trying to figure out all these family relations and titles. It’s so precious.

One day …

“D“was caught messing around his Dad’s office, again.….

“Son, what have I told you about touching my work things?” 

“D” was doggedly sincere in his reply,

“I’m a Dad now!

(Holding up doggie.)

I can touch it!!”

How does a three-year-old put those things together?

(He’s genius!)

It took all the composure his parents could muster.

“You may be the dad of doggie, but to touch work things you have to be old like me and be the daddy of children.”

His plan didn’t work, but he gets an A+ for effort, ingenuity and creativity!

A loving Dad.

Scratching my head and thinking ….

How many times do I twist, maneuver, and strategize
trying to satisfy my will?

I know limits are healthy, but when they infringe on my ideas or “want to”, too many times, I try to work around and figure out a perceived path to get the result I want.

I convince myself I am meeting the requirements for this or that.

When all I am doing is interpreting the guidelines to suit my own desires.

I change a few semantics, making my actions appear acceptable.

I wonder how often God tries to compose himself while he lovingly reiterates the guidelines and calls me out … Ouch!

My grandson would have had a mess on his hands in no time, if he was allowed to play with his Daddy’s work things; computer, phone, paperwork, etc.

Sometimes my/our messes are made with the same mentality and barging ahead, deciding to skirt and not listen to guidelines and the voice of our Father. We play like we’re the Dad: thinking we’re “grown up enough” and can figure things out on our own.

We can call ourselves whatever we wish, but we can’t fool our Father!

I wouldn’t recommend trying to bluff Him …
He won’t buy it!

Yikes … I’m sitting in a self-imposed “time out” over here.

Anybody want to join me?

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