We Could Always Walk Out!

How do you spell “fun”?

My daughter and I share a birthday month. So, every year we try to do something fun around our birthdays. This year it lagged into February for good reasons … one being, I was out of the country and two, the event wasn’t offered in January.

If you don’t know by now, my favorite movie E.V.E.R. is …

The Sound of Music!!

Read about it Here.

This year is the 55th anniversary of the movie. I learned that in certain theaters across the country they were playing the movie, once again, on the Big Screen with a twist…

A Sing-A-Long!!

I’ve experienced the movie about every conceivable way other than visiting Austria. Going on the Sound of Music tour in Austria is definitely on my bucket list!

Singing is one of my favorite things, and my daughter’s. Singing is in of our core. We’ve been singing, humming, harmonizing, picking out parts all our lives. It’s a huge part of our family … there is literally a guitar, piano, or drums played (sometimes using pots) at every gathering!! We’ve taken part in musical activities all our years together… It’s us! 

We jumped on the opportunity!

We had our reservations:

What if the person next to us couldn’t hold pitch and sings off key? 
Honestly, that would ruin it for me. I have “sensitive music ears”… sorry, can’t help it. We could always walk out. 

What if it got sort of obnoxious or people were making fun of the songs?
That would be unacceptable, horrible! This movie is not one to mock. (my humble opinion) We could always walk out.

What if no one else sang?
We’d stick out like a sore thumb, be self conscious at doing what we came to do. This was a serious mission to sing the songs we love with abandon and earnestness. We would feel robbed if they stunted our singing. We could always walk out.

What if the people next to us didn’t appreciate our singing?
Glares and stares … that would be inhibiting. Our goal would be thwarted. We could always walk out.

Could we really let loose and abandon all inhibitions to act like we were in the movie singing with Maria, Georg, the children and Sisters?

We had our wonderings, but we wanted to see how the experience played out!

We could always walk out.

We picked seats on the back row in a strategic move. We wouldn’t hear anyone behind us; good or bad.

Our day arrived. We were both excited and happy just to be together (which is the point), but seeing my favorite movie on the big screen again … too fun.

We arrived to “prop bags”. Inside were things to hold up or do during the movie. They gave us instructions before the movie started. I admit, I didn’t participate 100%. It distracted my singing (haha).  I couldn’t find them all in the dark. I forgot … being entrenched in the movie. The prop I loved though was the party popper … string pulled at Maria and Georg’s first kiss!! I remembered that one! It was like fireworks going off! Everyone cheered! Yay!!!

We did NOT walk out! It was F.U.N.!!!

Seeing the cinematography on the big screen was captivating. I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. A home-screen just isn’t the same, even with HD. Everything was larger than life and vibrant. Even the wallpaper in the house was memorable.

The theatre was one of those where you order food and eat while watching. So, there was an extra row between each row for waiters to walk. We hardly heard anyone else singing (with no one behind us). I heard the two people next to me, some, they didn’t sing everything. They were on pitch, hallelujah. Liv had an empty seat next to her and couldn’t hear anyone but us two! Plus the theater speakers pumped at a volume you could barely hear yourself! We heard a hum of people singing below us, not anything loud.


We gave our best effort; without standing up and going full opera 😉

We enjoyed every note!! 

We also learned a few lyrics we had unknowingly been mistakingly faking our entire lives. We heard someone else saying that on our way out too. (Too funny)

We, once again, enjoyed the heartwarming story, got the Von Trapp’s out of danger, across the border and out of the 3rd Reich’s take over!

We left smiling, singing, and swirling: one of us left with faux edelweiss in her hair!

It was a fabulous couple of hours,
on every level:
a new F.U.N.!

The most special was time with my daughter! Always! I so treasure time with my family; all of them!

Tell me about the last time you had F.U.N.! What was it? Can’t wait to hear!

These are a few of my favorite things,

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