Pandemic Mercy

It’s the top story everywhere; it’s forefront in our thoughts, as well. It’s hard not to think about it. It’s so rapidly and widely progressed, it’s astounding.

What started in China, so far away, made its way to the rest of the world like a gas-fueled wildfire!

And before you assume I am in panic mode, I am NOT!

Yet, certainly understand concern for this consuming wildfire.

The CDC has named it a Pandemic this week, the stock market has crashed farther in one week than in any other time I’ve been alive, confirmed cases have popped up in our community, and National restrictions, as well as, local have been put into place; with potentially more to come.

Yes, this is new and uncertain territory for my generation. I understand the concern. It’s global, massive, and closer to home than I’d like. America has not seen the number of cases other countries have experienced, but they were ahead of us in the outbreak.

I am comfortable being removed from hot topics: this one has shown up on my doorstep and yours!

So, for now, I am taking the precautions per the instructions coming from the medical community. They are our experts.

Can we just talk for a quick moment about the human side of this?

I have seen tons of responses on social media and interviews.

All the people involved in deciding for the masses; the CDC, government, medical community, leaders, etc. … they are all humans!

They are making the wisest decisions they possibly can, given the information they have. Whether they seem wise to you and me is not the point. The point is, they are responsible for way more people than we will ever be. Are they fallible? Absolutely! Am I smarter then they? Not likely. At least, I am not privy to all the information they wade through.

Honestly, I would never want their jobs. I would not want to decide for billions of people knowing lives hang in the balance. It would paralyze me. I would guess they sleep little and wrestle tons in their own thoughts, knowing their actions affect so many.

Yet, wholeheartedly understand concern for this pandemic

They may have agendas, they may not … depends who you ask. I’m not here to analyze or try to figure out judgement on their actions, I’ll leave that to God who knows the heart.

I’m just proposing; 

Let’s show a little mercy to these men and women who have stepped up to the plate as leaders. Whether egotistical or humble, let’s give them mercy and grace, they carry an awfully heavy load.
Let’s treat them as humanslike we’d wish to be treated!

These Men and Women deserve kindness, empathy, and mercy from all of us. They are trying their best to interpret data and make decisions during an intense time. It’s burdensome, hard and a demanding job.

If they are misguided, time will tell. They will live with the consequences in a far more personal way than most of us.

My commitment as a Christ follower is not to malign and attack every decision being made. My job is to love as Christ did; show mercy, be kind and understanding.

My job is also not to panic! 

I know who is in ultimate control. I trust Him implicitly! If this plague enters my household, God will see us through till He takes us home!

I’ve been through fire, wind, rain, tsunami, hurricanes, shipwrecks, devastation, etc. … He’s never abandoned me! It’s not always been fun or comfortable or a rose-lined path. Yet, I am confident, He’ll walk me home whenever and wherever that is!

I don’t want to hasten my home going. But I won’t panic!

Let me say again, concern is wise. Precautions and proactive practices are wise. Following government restrictions is wise. This virus is spreading at alarming rates. It would be foolish to ignore it.

 The only control I have, over any of this, is my response to this horrible situation the world finds itself in!

I desire to show mercy, kindness, pray for the medical caregivers, those affected and their families, those making decisions, and use common sense in my personal and home life.

I am so thankful there are those willing to care for the sick, work in intense decision making jobs, and give wise counsel on protecting ourselves.

Isaiah 41: 10
Don’t panic. I’m with you. There’s no need to fear, for I’m your God. I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you. I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you.

It is a Pandemic, but we do not have to have a panicked spirit.

Take precautions! Give assistance when you see a need. Check on neighbors or the elderly in your life. Be considerate.

Most Importantly: Wisely control actions and reactions!

Give Mercy and Grace. Speak Love.

Mercy, Wisdom, and Sensibility over Panic,

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  1. GOOD WORK ELAINE. YOU SAID IT WELL. So Lord, would you keep my child, daughter from being fearful or apprehensive. May she know GOD will take care of us.


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